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Welcome To The Officeinsight Glossary

As specialists in the planning, designing and delivering of futuristic workspaces, we are well aware of how confusing the different terminology can be.

This glossary has been created and will be regularly updated to include and explain the meaning of any new and emerging keywords that we use regularly so that you can talk to us with the confidence you deserve.


These are our certifications, we currently have the Constructiononline Gold, meaning that all of our legislative compliance has been reviewed across areas such as environmental and quality management, as well as diversity, equality and social responsibility.

Acoustic Products

Acoustic products help to reduce any sound that travels through the office, this helps prevent distractions – we have a few blogs on acoustic.

Cat A Fit-out

This is the basic fit-out needed to get a building functional, usually including washrooms, stairways, and a main reception. It does not generally include many things you may expect to find in an office space such as a kitchen or meeting rooms. 

Cat B Fit-out

A Cat B fit-out shapes the interior workspace, adapting the space to how you wont it.

Cat A+ Fit Out

This combines elements from both A and B type fit-outs, essentially a plug-and-play office setup provided by landlords. 

Design and Build

A design and build is when you deal with one company to design and deliver your new workspace, over against engaging with multiple different specialists and their contractors. 


A general arrangement plan is generally a 2D floorplan showing the proposed layouts, including rooms, furniture, flooring etc. 

Look + Feel

This is a selection of images that we use to convey the general concepts of the proposed new space. 

Office fit-out

We fit out your office for you, it has a similar meaning to Design and Build, although usually is used specifically for an office environment. 

Office Refurbishment

We consider this as someone upgrading their current space. If you want to save costs and retain your staff but want to change your space, there is no need to move as your current space can be changed to suit your current and future workspace needs.

One Point of Contact

Rather than engaging with multiple different specialists, you can have one point of contact with a design and build company, that offer the same services all-in-one package.

O&M Manuals

An O&M manual signals the end of the projects. This contains all of the information you need to know about the products used in the design, such as service and warranty information, as built plans, finishes etc.

Safe Pair of Hands

You leave your project in ‘our safe pair of hands’ – as a design and build company, there needs to be the element of trust, that all is delivered as it should be.

Quality Audit

This is a quality check that is done on the completion of the project to ensure that every element is safe, present and correct.

Schedule of Works

This lists out in detail, all the works required to deliver the project.


As the client, all you have to do is ‘turn the key’, choose us and we manage the fit out for you. Including workspace management, design and delivering your new, ready-to-use space.

Video Flythrough

A virtual video walking though the new space virtually with the ability to stop and look around, giving a real-life perception of the space, distance, vision lines, colours and impacts, etc.

Workspace Consultancy

We help you work out what is needed, how and when the space will be used, and by whom, and what can be achieved from the space and budget. This ensures the space will be functional, used effectively, and suits your business and people’s needs.

PDF Version

If you want to download a PDF version of this document for future reference please click the attached link. glossary-final.pdf

Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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