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Guest Blog | 10 Desk Items You Need To Boost Productivity

Guest Blog | 10 Desk Items You Need To Boost Productivity

Guest Blog | 10 Desk Items You Need To Boost Productivity

Desk Items and Productivity

Whether you work from home or are heading back into the office, your desk is where you spend most of your day. To be more efficient and achieve your career goals, you need a space that is full of all the tools and accessories you need to succeed. Keeping a clean and clear workspace is the best way to set your day up for productivity. Below are 10 desk items you need to increase success and unleash your most productive self!

1- Table top Organizer

A table top desk organizer is essential. You most likely have office supplies such as pens, blue light glasses, a stapler, and tape laying on your desk. Not all desks have drawers to hide your junk. While small, miscellaneous items like these are necessary to have, you don’t want them lying all-around your desktop. This creates clutter and ultimately does not allow for productivity. To solve this, pick up a tabletop organizer! This is such a simple desktop addition that can make a world of difference. There are thousands online to choose from in a variety of styles to match whatever aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. 

2- Desk Pad

Desk pads are a great way to protect your desktop and allow for further organization. This desk essential comes in a plethora of different sizes and styles, allowing you to choose whichever one best fits your needs. They can serve as a mousepad, give you a smooth surface for writing, and function as a coaster for your coffee or teacups. A desk pad can be easily cleaned and moved around if you need to transport your laptop and other desk items. 

3- Desk Riser

If you work on a laptop or have multiple computer monitors, you might want to add a desk riser to your essentials list! A desk riser can add a multitude of benefits to your desk. They raise your computer screen to meet you at eye level, reducing neck strain. Desk risers can also elevate your keyboard so that your arms fall nicely while typing. Desk risers can come as just the riser, but some have a desk organizer or small bookshelf attached for extra storage!

4- Comfy Chair

They say sitting is the new smoking. When you work at an office or remote office job, you are sitting at a desk for at least seven hours of your day. It is crucial that you have a desk chair that supports your back and arms and is comfortable on your backside. After you pick a chair, you can add on things like armrest pads and a gel cushion. Once you equip your workspace with a supportive, comfy chair, you’ll have no problem making it through the workday!

5- Mouse and Keyboard

Whether you are working from a laptop or desktop monitor, having a wireless mouse and keyboard will make working at your desk 10x better! Laptop touchpads hurt your hand and wrist and can be difficult to use for hours on end. A wireless mouse lets your hand rest, and ultimately increases the amount of work you’re able to do. 

6- Personal Touches

No one wants to spend all day at a boring old desk. There are many easy you can tie in your personality without adding clutter to your desktop. Pictures of family, friends, or pets can easily be hung above your desk to bring a bit of warmth into your office. Maybe you’re a proud plant parent. A small plant can increase the liveliness of your desk. Do you drink coffee or tea on the regular? Bring a fun mug from home to keep at your office to make this mundane ritual more exciting! 

7- Wax Warmer or Essential Oil Diffuser

Most offices probably don’t allow you to light candles unless you’re working from home. If you’re back working in the office, check with your boss to see if a wax warmer or essential oil diffuser is allowed. Getting your office smelling nice is a great way to get motivated for the day. It sets the tone for a good, productive workday. Wax melters and essential oil diffusers also allow you to switch up the scents based on the season, which can bring a little bit of cheer and coziness to your office during the holiday season!

8- Extra Cords and Adapters

Chances are, you have 4 or 5 things that need to be plugged in near your desk. Your phone, computer, maybe a lamp all require an outlet. Invest in a power strip or an extra adapter to keep near your desk. That way, you’ll never be stranded with a dead phone or computer. The last thing you want to worry about is your essential items dying mid-workday. You can even purchase a few extra charging cords to keep at your office or desk so that you never get to work and realize you forgot your cord. 

9- Fan or Heater

Being comfortable at your desk is a large part of being productive. If you’re too hot or too cold, you may be focused on that rather than focusing on your work. Your building might not allow the use of a personal fan or heater, but if they do, invest in one! I always have a fan going because I like to be on the colder side, and the sound helps me zone in on my work. Fans and heaters come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles so you can find the perfect one to fit with your desk theme!

10- Desk Lamp

You may have the luxury of being seated by a window, but if not, it may be essential for you to add a lamp to your desk. Not only will this help you see your work, but the addition of a lamp will brighten up your environment. 

Having a desk space that sets you up for success is essential, whether you work in an office or from home. Your desk should be a place that inspires you and gets you motivated for the workday. The 10 desk accessories mentioned above will help you create a space that is personal and brings you joy. 

Chloe Sisson is the Outreach Coordinator on behalf of Specialist ID, a lanyard and badge holder supplier. She is a senior at UGA and spends her time trying new restaurants in Athens or going on road trips to the beach. She also runs a blog called “Buzzin With Bee.” Connect on LinkedIn

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