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Guest Blog | How has Coworking Space Transformed Businesses?

Guest Blog | How has Coworking Space Transformed Businesses?

Guest Blog | How has Coworking Space Transformed Businesses?

When it comes down to developing business, huge corporations and companies enjoy coworking spaces for the same reasons that aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers do.

They have incredible networking possibilities and access to some incredible inventive skills. Coworking spaces also provide some financial relief (because the cost of setting up an independent office can be substantial) and creative inspiration is never far away!

Now working in the space of co-workers has given a rise to small businesses, individual contractors and other workers the space to work in their own comfort and ease, to get the work done and to interact with their local business community.

“Coworking is chosen by 84 percent of businesses because it allows for more human engagement and 82 percent of firms see it as a source of new ideas and opportunity”

In the present, there are around more than 18,000 spaces for coworking that are found around the world. It is very important to understand that many benefits are being earned which is important in planning your business strategies.

At certain times in businesses, when you want to take in meetings with your co workers or clients, your company must find a meeting room for rental basis so that they have their space to hold the meeting and discuss official matters in private.

Advantages of having Co-Working Spaces?

When it comes to creating a meeting with other business persons or company in dealing with a project pr projects and or having a discussion in small group about a particular project, co-working space is important where the location can be shared with people from different places in getting business ideas in different viewpoints, and can explore new things and ideas from each other.

Let us look in to the few benefits of having Co-working spaces: 

●Great opportunity for getting more networks

While working in a team or at the office, we get to know about people, their views and ideas, a lot more, face-to-face. Here, it is the biggest advantage in getting connected with other individuals and business persons. But if you are working from home or at your own office, you would be losing this opportunity of getting connected that is very much needed in bringing forward your business dealings.

Working in a coworking space creates the opportunity to gain knowledge about different business deals, opportunity to interact with other business professionals and in meeting the goals of the organization, in getting to work with the team. 

●Chances of productivity to increase

Working at an office helps your mind to get full mode in working and getting the work to finish fast and that too in no time. Concentration is a key factor that can only be obtained in office, eliminating chances of distraction. But when we tend to work from home, lots of distractions happen, where your kids or parents need attention, sometimes you won't be able to attend an important official meeting because of background noise and other distractions. Many co-working spaces are wide open 24 hours a day and can be reached at any time, when in need of help. So if you are planning for something big, working from home wouldn’t be a good idea as such.

●Boosted creativity level

It is true that when working with your teammates or other individuals, you automatically will be creative in some way or the other. When you move to a new office after a few experiences you can get your mind refreshed and may opt for different solutions to problems related to business or may go into a brainstorming session to come up with a quick solution.

●Moreover it is cost effective

If you are planning to be your own boss or build up your own office, there are many costs incurred where you have to keep in mind in getting many employees for your work to be done and move forward for your business goals and objectives.

Lots of costs will be incurred which includes employees looking for perks like free coffee, lunch, snacks and so on, to make them feel free, happy and relaxed in working with you.

The engagement in coworking space increases when you offer those free perks, bonuses, etc on yearly or monthly basis. Most important thing you need to consider while building your own business is that you should have the ability to choose the best place and the adequate space for running your business.

So basically having a good coworking space is a type of motivation when working towards a proposed or collective goal. In this era, working from home, due to the pandemic, people lose the interaction with other business professionals and employees and concentration in work. Working in a shared space might light up your day and mood of working in a free spirit.

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