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Has Covid-19 Changed the Way We Work, Forever?

Has Covid-19 Changed the Way We Work, Forever?

Has Covid-19 Changed the Way We Work, Forever?

Covid-19 has brought many unprecedented changes to our lives, from having to go into 'lockdown' to wearing masks in public places - and that’s if the shops are open. However, humans are people of change and adaptation, with the strength to be able to make new routines and lifestyle changes. The same could be said for the workplace, will we really go back to working in an on-site office? Has the introduction of virtual conference meetings been the key everyone has missed, until now?

As the human adapted to working remotely, it discovered that maybe working from home was a refreshing break from the mundane and repetitive life of working in an office. It forced us to embrace the idea of flexible hours, being able to work from the comfort of the sofa with a freshly poured cup of coffee - the lifeline, and not really having to worry about what clothes you were in. It allowed for a positive mindset and saw an increase in productivity as many had less travel time too. Admittedly, it wasn’t all smooth sailing with the occasional breakdown of WiFi or the odd guest appearance from the kids but was this enough to turn everyone against the idea of remote working?

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For some, the idea of getting back into office was a pleasant thought as it allowed for a more open atmosphere and face-to-face collaboration without having to rely on technical software which was likely to breakdown at some point. It also allowed for a differentiation to be made between home life and work life. But how many of us are like that? Are we looking at a new method of working which has been discovered, thanks to Covid-19?

Additionally, there are many advantages of using software's such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, such as the fact that it's so easy to communicate with someone from the other side of the world - great for international and national businesses. It requires significantly less travel time and is basically the same thing. Equally, there is a lot less cost involved as with most software’s, a small fee would have to be paid however this is a lot cheaper than paying for fuel, flights or other alternative methods of transport.

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Covid-19 has also increased the humans awareness of hygiene, never before has there been a global shortage of hand sanitiser! Throughout the workplace, you may find a bottle of hand sanitiser - will it still be in use? Or just kept as a reminder? The truth is, is that our awareness as to hygiene and the need for washing hands/using sanitiser has been increased and we realise how important it is for reducing the spread of any germs, not just Covid-19, therefore will they just be gotten rid of? The likelihood is, is that these bottles will stick around the workplace so that we can have peace of mind that we are reducing the chances of catching any unwanted germs.

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