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How can we make our offices sustainable?

How can we make our offices sustainable?

How can we make our offices sustainable?

Making your office sustainable goes beyond including recycling bins in your office design, making the necessary design adjustments to consider the environmental impact of the workplace - in both the short and long-term.

Below, we will cover three methods you can use to ensure that your office space becomes more sustainable.

  •      Selecting the most sustainable suppliers for green office design and fit-out

If you are looking for a sustainable office design and fit-out, then choosing suppliers who are environmentally conscious, is a great first step in the right direction for a long-term sustainable office space.

Some of the suppliers we use include:

Interface, who have developed 100% carbon-neutral flooring products.

Autex acoustics, who have also developed 100% carbon-neutral acoustic products.

Camira fabrics, who make eco-friendly fabrics, with many containing 100% recycled polyester.

Gresham, who’s furniture is 100% recyclable and is made of 83% recycled materials

The majority of today's office furniture and other products now carry certifications and the associated carbon footprint is assessed..

  •      Selecting the right office fit-out company

If you’re looking to hire an office design and fit out, or a refurbishment company to offer you a turnkey solution for your current office space, then by choosing one that makes sure that their designs are sustainable helps make your office sustainable.

In fact, at Officeinsight, we are on a journey to net zero, read more about it here. By ensuring we audit our activities and suppliers, we can help make the earth a greener place. By choosing us, you can be assured that your office design and fit-out is being delivered as sustainably as possible..

Not only do we choose the best and most sustainable suppliers, but we also make sure that we implement strategies in our designs that will ensure a sustainable future, such as by installing LED lights, rather than halogen, as not only do LED last 10x longer, but also consume 85% less electricity! In addition, by adding biophilia, not only does it look good, but helps improve air quality and aids in removing carbon dioxide in the working environment.

  • Being clear on your sustainability vision and goals

Making sure that your long term vision is to move towards more sustainable practices will help you make your office move in the right direction. Being emotionally involved with making the planet a greener place, will make it more likely for your business to succeed at making your office space more sustainable.

Looking to get in touch about how you can make a sustainable office design and fit-out? Contact us via the enquiry form, or give us a call on 0161 233 0030.

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