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How can your office design align with your brand?

How can your office design align with your brand?

How can your office design align with your brand?

Creating strong brand coercion is becoming one of the main drivers behind why people are getting an office fit-out. Not only does it help your workplace showcase your culture it can also really set you apart from other businesses - a key point when recruiting top talent and creating a strong first impression on visiting clients.


Showcasing your company’s brand through office design

One popular method is to include the colour scheme into the design, such as carpets, furniture and on walls. This helps create a theme throughout the design and helps the designers with what colours to choose when picking colours.

Signage is also a popular way to raise brand awareness in your space. Typically, neon signs are eye-catching and help create a memorable impression. Look at our projects to see where we have used these before – particularly at the Hermes, now called Evri, Head office where we used the neon signs to showcase the brand’s values ‘Dare, Strive, Be’. 

Expressing your workplace culture through your space

The definition of culture is ‘ the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society, and the beauty of an office space is that you can present your culture through the space. So that when prospective clients or talent come in, the culture marries perfectly with the space you are presenting to them.

In order for you to be able to express your culture, you need to understand how your business is perceived, in comparison to how you want to be perceived, how creativity is developed, how ideas flow and how your staff relate to work and finding the balance between physical wellbeing and their job. Understanding the role that technology plays in that as it also affects both the physical environment and the firm’s processes and communication.

How you translate that into your workplace design is unique to the organisation and down to the designer but for example, if you want to be seen as a business that cares about the environment and sustainability, then making sure that this is included in your office space helps reflect your culture and brand. Equally, if you want to be seen as a company that looks after their employees well, and cares about their physical well-being, then make sure there is plenty of daylight in the office as well as ergonomic furniture.

Our Invisible Systems case study is a classic example of how you can integrate your brand with the office design. For example, custom-made acoustic panels were incorporated in the design, in the shape of the logo as were the colourful brand colours – oranges and pinks. This helped to create a cohesive transfer between the brand and the space.

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