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How to Keep Your Physical Health at a Constant Peak in the Workplace

How to Keep Your Physical Health at a Constant Peak in the Workplace

How to Keep Your Physical Health at a Constant Peak in the Workplace

There are countless benefits of staying fit and doing regular exercise. Not only will you see yourself much more focused at work, significantly more productive but also you reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening illnesses, improve the quality of your sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

It's very easy to let your health slip whilst you spend all day sitting at your desk, whether this be not doing active exercise or causing tensions within your muscles by not have well-positioned equipment or chairs etc. The recommended amount of exercise is 30 mins a day, not asking for too much in order to keep you fit and healthy, is it? We all know, we may start with good intentions to hit the gym at 5 in the morning, however it's not always possible or practical thus we must find other solutions.

Your commute to work is a good place to start, consider cycling or walking. This may be impractical because it's too far, then think about taking the bus and walking from the bus stop, or parking your car further away to allow you to get a quick walk in. As always make sure you are dressed appropriately - don’t forget an umbrella for those rainy days!

Your lunchtime is another opportunity to take an exercise break, whether this be some stretches or a speed walk around the block, any bit of exercise adds up to that end goal of 30 mins a day. You may be lucky enough to work somewhere close by a gym, or even has one in the office - make use of this. 15 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) will help get your brain in focus, in preparation for the busy afternoons as equally as a walk can help you think through problems, relax you so that you can return to the workplace in a calm state of mind. If none of these suit you, try looking online for short workouts on platforms such as YouTube as there are such a wide variety of workouts, designed to suit every need and fitness level.

Making small choices throughout your day can help raise your heart rate and burn a few calories, such as taking the stairs rather than the elevator, taking the long route round. Unless you need your computer whilst you take calls, try walking and talking to give your legs a bit of movement and your back muscles a welcome break. Taking short breaks for a quick walk around the office or a run up-and-down the stairs will help boost your productivity when you return to your desk.

Watch your posture when you are working, make sure you are sat up straight as poor posture can strain muscles and increase fatigue. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are in the correct position. There are many options these days for ergonomic chairs which can significantly boost your posture, reducing eye strain, muscle tension and fatigue.

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