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How To Make The Most Of Your Office Space

With the lockdowns easing throughout the country and employees going back into the workspace, it is essential to consider your staff’s wellbeing. Many of us may be anxious about the overall return to work however, the precautionary measure’s employers can take within the general layout of the office space may solve many modes of concern.

Hybrid work modes have also been adopted within organisations to comply with government guidance. A blended working approach allows colleagues to work from both the office and at home where suits. On the other hand, office spaces in general now raise the need for a hybrid approach. There are many ways this can be done; here are a few solutions to easily apply.

Use Your Breakout Out Of Lunch Hours

Add an office tea-point area as part of your office space where your employees can relax out of working hours, typically on lunch or rest breaks. However, the tea point area is one of the most underused spaces within an office. By utilising the breakout with booth solutions for informal meetings, it becomes a space that can be used throughout the day and not just between 11 and 2 pm.

Give Your Staff Flexibility and Focus Spaces

During the working day, everyone needs a quiet moment to take a phone call or concentrate on a task. Instead of occupying a whole meeting room for one person, an acoustic nook can help.

Optimise The Storage Throughout

Having smart storage is the best solution to avoid clutter and make space feel more organised and welcoming. But having too much storage ‘just in case’ can be as problematic. Maybe offering personal storage, such as lockers or pedestals, to the staff can help reduce the overall storage footprint.

Divide Zones Without Partitions

Working in an open plan space can be stressful and lower productivity due to the ambient noise. Building walls does seem like an easy solution; however, like any easy solution can cut natural lighting when needed.

Collaboration Areas Are Key

People are coming back to the office after working from home because they are missing interaction with colleagues and feeling a part of a team. Boardrooms can be a costly investment and won’t be utilised to their maximum. On the other hand, adopting open plan work living can encourage spontaneous meetings, incorporating bleaches to manipulate and reconfigure areas easily.

Are the Desks The Right Size For You?

Since working from home has become a part of office life, hybrid working has started to be at the forefront of peoples minds and the new norm. As demand for flexible working has increased and evolved into mixed working, strategies need to be adapted. Desks, for example, are used by almost everyone every day. It may be good to think about how desks operate and change to the needs for hot desk work modes. Hot desking is an office organisation system which involves multiple workers using a single physical workstation or surfacing during different periods. Ensuring your staff have access to hot-desking can be encouraging on the return to the office.

Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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