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How to stop office designs becoming outdated

How to stop office designs becoming outdated

How to stop office designs becoming outdated

Outdated offices have a huge impact on decreased employee morale and levels of satisfaction. Staff are more likely to be motivated to spent time in the workspace if it’s a modern, comfortable and inspiring environment.

One of the main reasons we find our clients investing in an office fit-out is because their offices are old fashioned, uninspiring and outdated. When investing in a new office space, often a main goal for the project is to select a design that delivers maximum return on investment.

While we all want the latest product and finishes, our designers, from experience can identify those concepts that will date quickly, and instead choose to include timeless design elements for your scheme.

Here they share their knowledge and provide you with three ways in which you can prevent your office designs from becoming outdated:

1. Personal style

At Officeinsight, we create spaces that answer the brief and that meet the needs set out in the Define stage. Our team prefer to make your office space fully functionable so that you can achieve maximum return on your space now and also in the future. Adding your own personal style will help make the space more unique and personalised for you, adding functionality, rather than just going with whatever is popular at the moment which is likely to go out of fashion.

2. Flexible scheme

Being clear on why you are getting an office fit-out helps establish what kind of concepts need to be included in the design so that the right solutions can be incorporated. Making sure the main core of the office is the right solution for you helps it keep its functionality for years to come. If you wanted to however, you could add some little touches around the office which can easily be changed – such as living plants.

3. Avoid trends

Essentially, trends date. Trends come and go, and what looks good this year could very well look out of place next year, which is why finding your unique style and what works for you will help avoid an outdated office. Our designers wouldn’t include an item that is on trend just because its on trend, a design is a solution to a problem or the answer to a brief.

If your office space truly works for you, in functionality and your other needs, such as the retention of talent or as a branding tool, then your office should never be outdated. If your needs / requirements change of your office, then it could well be that your office no longer works for you.

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