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How will adapting to hybrid working help me get the best value from the space?

Hybrid working is no longer a new idea, with some of the first companies to embrace the concept, re-looking at how it is working for them, and tweaking and adjusting it.

According to Forbes, Google, Apple, Twitter and a number of other large tech companies are defending their requirement of working at least three days a week in-office which shows that making sure your office space is fully

Office space is expensive, and wasting your space or not using it well is simply burning cash which affects the bottom line of your business. But good news for you! We have some space–optimizing experts who can help you understand what you really need the space for, its core purposes and how you can utilise and best enhance it.

By drilling down into the core uses of the space, and what your staff value the most, we can help you Define your needs and what problems you have with the space currently, and how these can be resolved within the design.

Common examples include, incorporating a few different zones within the office space, such as desk space, collaboration areas, a larger canteen and meetings rooms. This allows for flexibility and choice within the office and provides your staff with collaboration and choice that they don’t get at home.

One of our recently completed projects was with IRG Executive Search, a recruitment company based in central Manchester, who currently work in a fixed hybrid model, needed to refurbish their space to reflect their recent rebrand. As a company where their staff do work from home, they have found that the canteen area has been popular amongst the staff, as it gives them a place to catch up beyond the office and improves their in-office experience.

They also found that adding in more meeting rooms has improved their ability to communicate to their customers, as they largely use the phones to do so. Increasing privacy and reducing noise has helped to boost the productivity of the staff and generally enhance the quality of their experience and the work that they can produce.

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Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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