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Our top 6 acoustic products

Our top 6 acoustic products

Our top 6 acoustic products

When used correctly, specialist acoustic products can be highly effective at solving a variety of acoustic and soundproofing issues in the office. The popularity of open plan office space has seen acoustic products become more of a necessity than a feature.


Over the years, the range and variety of acoustic products that are available has grown in tandem with the rise in a large number of warehouse conversions, which has seen these great expansive spaces being utilised as offices, restaurants and shops. While visually appealing with high ceilings, concrete floors and exposed pipe and metal work, sound reflects and bounces off these hard surfaces making it quite an uncomfortable experience.

How effective are acoustic panels?

When positioned and used correctly, acoustic panels can be highly effective at solving a variety of noise issues. The team at Officeinsight will help identify the root cause of the noise complaint and offer up a high-quality design solution to tackling the issue.

Its important to recognised that different environments do require different noise solutions and our experienced team can recommend the best possible solutions from ceiling panels to wall partitions and free-standing panels, to applying acoustic panels to cover the entire walls.

Here are our top six acoustic products for tackling any sound issue in an office space.

This product by Autex Acoustics, is not only a light-weight, high-performance acoustic product designed to look like timber, but it is also carbon neutral. Adding a different feel and perspective to your space, the imitation timber is much easier to install, fire tested and is highly durable.

These acoustic screens are perfect for planning your design, as they are a great method when dividing your space whilst having a practical use. These screens from allsfar, come in a range of designs, and can easily be suspended form ceilings to create floating walls. They are also 100% recyclable and low in VOCs.

These come in a very useful variety of shapes and colours. Great to add a bit of texture to an empty wall, whilst staying a sure way to reduce noise pollution whilst being easy to install in your space.

A great way to give each desk space some privacy – whilst maintaining minimal noise distraction. The product from allsfar can be fabric-wrapped, printed on or have a customisable logo cut-out. Whatever helps your office design match your vision, these acoustic desk screens can help in bringing your vision to life.

The Etch acoustic product is etched by a laser, allowing for small, intricate patterns to be created. They can be used as furnishing fabrics, wallcovering, or an acoustic panel overlay. Whether you choose to etch your vision statements, or your logos, whatever you choose will solidify your dream offices.

This product by allsfar combines two necessities in the office space, acoustics and biophilia. With double functionality, it is a handy product to include in an office design. There are many benefits of having biophilia in your office design, such as improved physical health, psychological well-being and cognitive function.

Each space requires a different approach in order to get the best possible reduction in noise. For more information on incorporating acoustic products into your office design and build project, simple fill out an enquiry form below, or ring us on 0161 246 2363.

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