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Remote Working: How to Create a Productive Workspace

Remote Working: How to Create a Productive Workspace

Remote Working: How to Create a Productive Workspace

How to create a productive workspace at home : the chances are you have probably searched this question in google, and you could be feeling fairly bamboozled with the amount of information you can find. Well, let me summarize it for you:

For some, remote working is a lifestyle, for others it's something that they have been forced to do due to Covid and have discovered that it's something that they would actually quite like to continue. However, there is definitely a way to go about remote working which will ensure that you remain fully productive so that you work remotely and remote working works for you.

The first step would be to assign a workspace within your home, this could be a desk in your bedroom, the office or even under the stairs! This then helps you keep your work life separate from your home life. This separate space can help you to associate that certain part of your house with work and disassociate from the rest of your home. Keeping it neat and clutter free will help keep your mind open because as they say, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind - speaking from experience. Keeping it tidy will make it somewhere you want to go and you can focus on tasks, rather than getting distracted by all the mess in the surrounding area. Try to find the area with a bit of natural light as this is easiest on the eyes and can help your overall wellbeing however avoid being in the glare of the sun. Equally, find somewhere quiet so that your workspace can avoid disturbances. Having a small cabinet, or some shelving can help you maximise a small space whilst minimising the clutter. Including a bit of greenery can help brighten up your area  whilst creating some visual variety. Using indoor plants holds many advantages such as reducing stress and boosting productivity. They are also very hardy and can survive with less water than other plants, making them an ideal addition to your workspace.

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After you have assigned this space and cleared it out, make sure to invest in some ergonomic furniture, or in simple terms make sure that your desk is at the right height. Home furniture was not designed for 8-hours of typing at a computer, if you use it for this purpose you’ll get injured. Doing this could save time and pain for the future and make sure that you have a comfortable remote workspace which avoids that back muscle tension. Additionally, make sure that you have a supportive chair. Choosing a better chair instantly transforms any space into a productive, flexible workspace. A sturdy mesh office chair can combat the feeling of sinking, and it’s more breathable so you won’t get hot while you work. Better yet, you can repurpose your favourite kitchen chair by putting a comfy cushion on it when you’re working.

Its easier said than done, but keeping distractions minimal will help boost your productivity by a long stretch. If you have other family members that could interrupt your workplace realm then make sure they know when you are off-limits, ask them to turn the TV or music volume down during work hours and keep doors shut. However, you can't prevent noise from outside - dogs barking, the occasional police siren but, you could invest in some noise cancelling headphones which would allow you to keep your own headspace. You don’t even have to listen to any music for them to be effective, wearing them during your work hours will help you to focus on your tasks and can also let your family members know that you are currently unavailable.

Scheduling small breaks often can help your brain to keep focused; step out for lunch: change the scenery, even if you’re limited to the room next door. Eating at your desk is a big NO. Getting active, standing up, stretching, breathing in fresh air, meditation - some easy ways to get the circulation of blood flowing again so that your mind and body is ready to carry on with some hard work.

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Finally, dress for success. We all know how easy it is to sneak those comfy PJs on however, whilst it looks comfy, it doesn’t do anything for your mind. Whereas, choosing your usual work-wear can help your brain to focus on your usual work tasks and get in the business frame-of-mind.

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