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Resimercial Office Design – Home Is Where The Office Is

Welcome back to our ‘watch this space’ series. In this edition, it’s time to get comfortable as we sink into the increasingly popular trend that is resimercial office design.


What is Resimercial?


Although you won’t find it in a dictionary ‘Resimercial’ as you have probably guessed is the combination, or spawn if you will of the words ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’. This linguistic mashup exists for a very good reason as it perfectly explains what this ever-growing movement is about. The merging of two previously very separate worlds.

At its core, resimercial office design is the integration of that cosy, homely feel that we miss during our workday into the office space be it through layout, furniture, lighting or materials. This focus on combining home and work is becoming more welcomed over the sterile feel of traditional corporate spaces.


What is the Goal?


The main line of thinking behind resimercial office design is that bringing home comforts into the workplace will result in employees being happy spending more time in the office whilst also being more relaxed and motivated. Today, more and more employees are required to have a mentality where they are never truly switched off from work, checking messages and dealing with emails before and after their shift. Resimercial design is one way for companies to counter this increased demand placed on employees by constructing a space reminiscent of home that staff are happy to spend time in. The average adult Brit will spend a total of 12 years of their life in work, so it’s important to make these places as comfy and as engaging as possible.

Many of the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon are investing in the wonders of resimercial office design to increase employee retention, creativity and to encourage more natural collaboration and idea sharing. This is a movement that spans all the way down the ladder to start-up companies as well. As companies look to attract the modern generation who have a solid grasp on technology from a very early age and have the ability to work anywhere and welcome flexibility, a resimercial themed office is a great path to go down.

Where to Begin? 


It is all well and good having a lovely, warm, home-like office to go into every day. All the neighbouring offices are jealous of the comfy couches, the built-in restaurant and the pool table but all of the time and money would be for nothing if you sacrificed productivity and efficiency in the process. It’s important to strike a balance between the residential and the commercial that brings in the best of both worlds.

The key is variety. Everyone is different, everyone has their own ideas about what is considered comfortable and what reminds them of home. Creating a space for each employee that is tailored to their likes and personality is an impossible task for most companies. The next best thing is to vary the spaces from open areas that promote interaction and collaboration to tranquil, personal spaces where employees can work in a relaxed environment but away from the distractions of a busy office.

It is not always the material objects in a home that make it a relaxing place to be. Ambient factors such as lighting, noise level and temperature also play a big part in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to employees and visitors alike.

Finally avoiding bare walls and opting for decorations and art are small office design changes that can make a big difference. Whilst furniture should be comfortable, home furniture is not usually designed for the rigours of office life, so it is important to look for a good balance between comfort and durability.

Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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