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Six ways to prepare for a site visit when planning an office fit-out

The site visit could be the first face-to-face meeting that you have with your prospective office fit-out team, and you could be left feeling nervous and overwhelmed with what needs to be ready and prepared by then.

Our checklist should make it easier to feel ready for the initial site visit and by making sure all of these points are met, it allows the site visit to run efficiently. The aim of first site visit is to make sure the office design and fit-out team gets all of the information that’s needed to take your office fit-out to the next stage.

Have floorplans ready.

Our team at Officeinsight needs these to be able to carry out the design of the office space properly. Without these, the space may not be planned adequately which could negatively affect the project during the Deliver stage.

Inform your property agent or landlord of your visit 

This may not seem all that necessary, but can come in handy if you do need some information from them, such as the floorplans if you don’t already have them. Therefore, letting them know, in advance, that you may be requesting some information from them, can help keep the process moving so that your office fit-out is completed in due course.

There are also a few aspects that you need to have knowledge of and understand. You don’t need to, neither do we expect you, to know all the answers but making sure you are aware of each of these points will help to make the site visit worthwhile.

Being clear on the key reasons behind the project

This will help you make the right choices and helps us understand what it is your looking for, so that we can then give you the best advice and the most suited solution to suit your business needs. Knowing what is driving you to embark on the project of this nature will help when knowing what success looks like.

Consider the internal decision making process

Each business differs slightly in the way it makes decisions, some have to be approved by those in a more senior position, while others prefer to make decisions as a team, and getting other people’s input. Understanding how this takes places in your business means that the people that need to be aware, can be aware within the right given time frame.

The company’s expectations

This is very important, as knowing what the company want / are expecting helps create some criterion for when the initial kick-off starts, and the site visit takes place. Their opinion is very important, and at Officeinsight, we want to far exceed the expectations that your company may have and deliver an office space that far surpasses their vision.

 Know your desired timings

Being aware of any stipulated time frames, or deadlines is important as we will need to know about it, as it can have an impact on how we prioritise different aspects of your fit-out. The sooner you make us aware of these, the more time we have to plan and work around any deadlines that we may come across.


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Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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