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Sustainable Workspaces

Sustainable Workspaces

Sustainable Workspaces

Real estate is responsible for 40% of the worlds carbon emissions and we are trying to make practical commitments to reduce the issue as a result.

Co-working spaces that are not making a conscious effort to be environmentally sustainable are seen as outdated. The importance behind sustainability whether to adopt this within your organisation, can really make or else break your business. People want to see your conscious efforts and values in action.

Remaining sustainable within your business provides multiple benefits for you and your employees. Being more eco-conscious will gain you more business, including custom, freelances and talent as your efforts of becoming more aware of reducing carbon footprints. With this said, companies are more likely to want to work with your company and clients will be more likely to opt for a workspace provider whose values align with their own. The more serious a business can be about their corporate social responsibility, the more economical they become.

Economical workspaces can provide cost benefits for you and your business. For example, adopting energy-saving appliances within your fitout and buying from local vendors can save you a lot of money.

Sustainable workspaces do not have to be brand new builds. In fact, some of the best sustainable offices are in decades-old buildings, as its not the construction materials that count, it is what goes on inside the walls that really matters.

There are steps that you can take to transform your space into a sustainable success as follows:

Form a sustainable work team

Make use of your employees instead of doing all the work yourself by brainstorming and creating suggestions how you could adopt a greener environment. This is a great way of getting everyone involved and educated on a problematic subject, increasing CSR whilst saving the planet.

You could also involve your employees to remain sustainable by forming a group or green challenge to get everyone involved in an eco-scheme. This could include incentives to help diminish carbon footprints whilst honouring rewards.

It is a great opportunity for marketing. It allows both marketeers and ambassadors to share company updates on the ways they are reducing their carbon footprint across social media platforms.   

Set up recycling stations

It is easy to be unorganised and lazy within an office space that has no designated recycling space. Setting up labelled recycling bins for everything from aluminium cans to plastic bottles to paper products, helps to avoid confusion and encourage recycling.

In addition, you could further your eco-friendly mindset by setting up composting stations. Food recycling from leftovers donated to local farms and communities will turn the waste into planting material and fertilisers.

Co-work where possible

Before rushing out to spend a big part of your capital on eco-friendly solutions, remember that all changes do not have to be expensive or cost anything at all.

You can save money and the environment in co-working spaces. Co-working spaces allow start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelances, small businesses and large corporations to work together in the same place.

In the process, they help to share costs, save money over conventional lease, and reduce the environmental impact they would have if they all maintained their own space. Your rean can work from a hot desk or a suite of offices and save money in the process. A flexible office environment gives you everything you need from technology, infrastructure furniture and amenities to allow you to get your job done and focus on your work sustainably. 

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