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What are the benefits of a design and build over a traditional build?

What are the benefits of a design and build over a traditional build?

What are the benefits of a design and build over a traditional build?

First and foremost, it's important to understand what a 'design and build' fit-out and a 'traditional' build is when it comes to an office-out.

‘Design and build’ or D&B as its more commonly referred to is a method of office fit-out project delivery in which one partner is contracted with the client to provide complete design and construction services. While the ‘traditional’ build approach is where design and construction are handled by separate contractors – separate contracts, separate teams, separate work.

With the traditional method, you would have to make all these decisions yourself, getting different opinions on each choice you make and maintaining tight control on the situation.

However, the design and build approach brings something different to the table - a team of specialists, who all work for the same company, have and will work together to create the design brief, the design, and the office fit-out you desire, but without the stress and hassle of managing different teams of people with all the subsequent communication challenges yourself.

Design and build

A design and build fit-out is an evolving approach to office fit-outs and is something that is gaining more and more traction and popularity. Due to its hassle-free approach, many companies seeking office fit-outs are tending to opt for this rather than a traditional build.

The design and build concept (D&B) involves all specialist areas working together to create the best outcome. Doing this helps create dynamic solutions whilst avoiding hidden costs and keeping a smooth schedule.

What are the benefits of design and build?

There are many benefits of choosing the D&B approach, which explains why this method has received so much attention.

  • Speed is a benefit of design and build

Due to the experience that many companies will have, they know how to cut out delays and what method works the most efficiently. In addition, the team would be working together onsite and so designs and costs are prepared simultaneously. Having the team at hand helps keep hindrances minimal as they will be ready to act if you have any changes you want making.

  • Flexibility and change are a benefit of design and build

Changes on any project are inevitable. With the full specialist team on-hand and on-site, the D&B company can act quickly upon any changes you may want to make sure that they don’t cause unnecessary delays in the process.

  • Single point of responsibility is a benefit of design and build

The D&B company take any responsibility if anything does go wrong. This single point of responsibility makes it easier for mistakes to be identified and solved, rather than having to go to each separate component of the fit-out, as you would if it was a traditional build.

  • Better cost control is a benefit of design and build

Whilst every office fit-out is customized and heavily adapted to suit each need, the experience and specialist skills of the members within the D&B team will help to accurately predict costs.

  • High quality fit-out is a benefit of design and build

Having a single team helps minimize delays and mistakes, as there are clear communication channels which help in solving problems quickly. The team can ensure that materials and products you have chosen to be installed, are all high quality and any quality issues can be solved before it becomes a problem and delays the process.

  • Specialized team on hand is a benefit of design and build

Having a whole team of specialists’ trade-people on-site helps the project run smoothly and allows for elements to overlap, ultimately reducing the overall running time of your fit out.

  • Unified one team approach to the project is a benefit of design and build

Having one unified team rather than a group of individual workers helps keep the running time of the project to a minimum. The open communication within the team ensures solutions are thought of and are established before it impacts the fit-out process.


Traditional build

A traditional build works well or is better suited for clients who have a very specific idea of what they want, and already know which key components of the process they want to use. This approach involves the need to singularly choose each part of the fit-out, and which consultants and contractors you want to use at what stages of the process – from engaging with architects, project managers, designers, and contractors. The responsibility to manage and coordinate all these trades lies with you but this does give you totally control over exactly what and by who elements happen.

Design and Build vs. Traditional Build

Each office fit-out differs and has different needs and requirements. Therefore, it depends on the style and what you want for your office fit-out as to which method would most suit your project.

While using a D&B company is more beneficial for someone who doesn’t have the time to research and award different contractors or is looking for a reduced hassle and stress option.

The D&B method generally is cheaper, quicker, and easier than the traditional build method leaving clients with a single communication channel.

Ready to start your D&B project? We have the specialist team, a unique 3D approach and the flexibility to help kick start your office fit-out project today. Click here to contact us.

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