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What are the benefits of Design + Build?

What are the benefits of Design + Build?

What are the benefits of Design + Build?

There are countless benefits of going the design and build route, and below  our managing director talks about why you should get an office refurb.

To discover the difference between a design and build, and an office refurb – check out our free glossary today.

8 benefits of having a design and build

To keep it brief, we have summarised the benefits of getting a design and build into eight different points.


According to Oktra, a design and build contractor is typically 33% faster than contracting it out yourself. Because you are only dealing with one person, and they have their team of specialists that covers all necessary to deliver your project on schedule.

One point of contact

Not only is it faster, but having one point of contact means less confusion throughout the project duration. Having one person to speak to allows a certain rapport to build, rather than having to communicate with several different contractors simultaneously.

Safe pair of hands

You can leave your project in our safe hands and rely on us to complete the work to a high quality. Again, with one point of contact, in the case that something did go wrong, there is one point of responsibility and contact so that issues can be resolved quickly. Both Evri and UCAS, some recent client of ours, considered us to be a safe pair of hands when dealing with us.

Update your workspace

You can change your workspace so that it caters for all of your staff’s needs. Whether this be more collaborative spaces, quiet areas, less desking and more social space, you can change your space so that it caters better for hybrid working.

Better prepared

By updating your space, you can be prepared for any economic situation. Whether this be working from home, or bringing your staff back into the office. Having a hybrid space allows you to be flexible with your working solutions.

Retention of talent

Retaining your best talent will help avoid high recruitment costs. Likewise, an attractive office space is fast becoming a perk when attracting better talent. Having the best talent will allow your company to keep progressing, and keep ahead of the competition.

Advantage over competitors

Having a new space, equipped for the future again, will help you attract the best talent, and more clients. This will help you grow and get an advantage over the competitors in the industry.

Future proof your space

By making sure that your workspace has the capacity for the future business, whether this be growth or facilitating better hybrid working styles. You can have a space equipped for the future and prepared for anything that the current economy could throw at it.

Check out our case-studies for some examples of the work we do, and to get some inspiration.

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