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What design factors influence cost?

What design factors influence cost?

What design factors influence cost?

The short answer is that every single design factor has an influence on the cost of your office fit-out. From aesthetics to materials and functionality to sustainability, each element will have an impact on the cost of your office fit-out project.

Design choices need to be made with both the budget and need in mind and our team will make recommendations to match both. Therefore, it helps to understand upfront what your need is, and what you want to get from the completed office fit-out.

See what our designer, Claudio, has to say:

An office design is a solution to your needs, exploring these needs will help our team understand which design factors are a necessity and which are deemed a nice to have. This is covered in the Define stage of our unrivalled 3d process and way of working at Officeinsight.

Having completed the Define stage, the project can then measure everything by the benefit/cost ratio, and you can get a good idea of what you will truly benefit from having, what is a good investment and what you will get the most return on investment from.

For example, for one business, having a large canteen may be of very good use to them as it helps create an area away from the office for the staff to bond and relax whereas for another business, having several board rooms, equipped with the latest technology would be more functional.

By using our cost calculator, you can see what affects your budget and gain some inspiration for areas you may want to include in your design or download our free office fit-out cost guide.

Our design team have years of experience, which help to identify what is needed to make your space practical whilst looking smart. Their knowledge helps to create the solution that best suits your needs because if something is more costly, but will boost productivity, employee retention and could help you attract more customers, then surely it is worth the investment.

Our experts can help you make the difficult decisions, as they did with AM London Fashion, as they needed space to cater for 60 people whilst having ample storage space for the clothing lines. Coming up with the right solution allowed the project to be completed within 8 weeks.

If you are interested in contacting us to find out more about your design, click here to find out more., likewise click here to view our other projects.

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