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Who should I speak to regarding an office fit-out project?

Who should I speak to regarding an office fit-out project?

Who should I speak to regarding an office fit-out project?

Getting in touch with a professional about your office fit-out is a good way to start the ball rolling on your office design and fit-out, but sometimes it can be confusing as to who is best to engage with.

Doing some initial research and gaining inspiration for what you want in your space whilst having a browse at the different office design and fit-out companies will help give you a good indication as to what you might want to include in your office space, or who you want to work with.

Visiting websites, social media pages or even searching the company names on search engines such as Google or Bing should bring up the appropriate contact details. Looking at various sites should also bring up other reviews and maybe customer testimonials for you to look at whilst you are there. This is also a useful tool to get an honest view of the company and how they work.

Ideally, when initially reaching out, we advise you to speak to a project director with experience of projects similar to your vision. A trusted company would have their case studies clearly visible on the company’s website to help you identify what you are looking for.

Speaking to someone who is confident about their process and previous case studies is a positive sign that this is a trusted fit-out or design company. Getting an explanation from them about their process should help your understanding of how it works, and they should be a safe pair of hands.


What happens after I do get in contact with the company?

This depends on the company, but most likely a meeting will be arranged between yourself and the representatives of the company where you will go over a brief, define your needs and vision and meet either face-to-face or via video conferencing with members from the team.

Between the time of first contact with the company and meeting with them, they may require you to create a brief as this will help advise the next phase of the process, which is likely to involve sending across floor plans in view of starting the design.

The process at Officeinsight

At Officeinsight it’s unrivalled process that sets us apart. 


Using our proven Define, Design and Deliver process allows us to design and build unique workspaces for clients that value their people, placing their needs at the heart of the decision making process. Using insights to make better informed decisions and explore new opportunities to help your business thrive.



As an insights-driven company (clue is in our name) we start by building an in-depth understanding of both your people and your place to drive a new world of opportunities for the design and fit-out of your workspace. Defining the brief, the challenge and the desired outcome.


Our Define stage takes a holistic approach to defining the brief, offering in most cases a complimentary package of analysis to uncover the big picture and what the office space can do for the company in terms of talent attraction, retention and experience.



Insights are as much a part of the Design stage as selecting colours and finishes. The combination of data, our own observations and experience helps our experts to reveal and develop zoning plans, 2D general arrangement plans, compiling mood boards to capture the look and feel of the space and show how meeting spaces, desks, and collaborative spaces can all be accommodated within your workspace.


Once finalised, our designers bring the design to life with 3D photorealistic images and video fly-throughs. The final step in the Design process is to create a detailed priced up schedule of work and issue a delivery contract.



Our turnkey office fit-out is the ideal solution to make the entire process as efficient and seamless as possible. Having a single company manage your office fit-out means you can be sure that the quality will be to a consistently high standard throughout.


Keeping you informed of progress is at the heart of our Deliver process, with regular weekly on-site meetings, progress reports and shared access to the agreed schedule of work. Any challenges, no matter how small, are promptly dealt with and resolved and on completion, there is a quality check carried out.


Additionally, after completion you’ll also enjoy a 30-day enhanced support service. Whereby, whatever the nature of the issue the original Deliver team will be on-hand to pick up and endeavour to deal with your requests on the same day to help you and your team settle quickly into your new workspace. 

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