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Why Office Design Matters To Your Start-Up Business

Why Office Design Matters To Your Start-Up Business

Why Office Design Matters To Your Start-Up Business

Designing your office might not be at the forefront of your mind when starting your own business. You might not think that it is necessary for a brand your size, or you might not be financially ready. However, it is essential to think about the right environment for your business and team to generate growth and revenue.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider investing a little bit of time and money into your start-up office fit-out:

1. Motivation

A motivationally stimulating working environment can encourage your and your employee's workflow. Imagine a beautifully fitted out space, dedicated to your team, will help them to reach heights you'd never imagined in a dull, demotivating space. Your employees should feel comfortable where they work; they spend a lot of their time working there, they need to love the office space the exact amount they love the company they work for. A well-thought-out office design could help give your staff that extra motivation and a positive impact on workload.

Lonely cold office

2. Organisation

Studies show that 41% believe a tidy and organised workspace is key to enhancing productivity. Taking a space and adding chairs and desks, unfortunately isn't going to solve the form of a well-designed office. Your office space needs to be carefully designed; your office will feel unorganised if you forge ahead without a design in mind. Having your office come together without a plan is a recipe for disaster; not just looks-wise but cost too. If your office is designed carefully, it can provide an orderly and motivating environment for you and your team.

Seperated working space

3. Professionalism

A poorly designed office may not only encourage a sluggish workload, but also it may be hard for clients or other employees to take the brand seriously. It goes hand in hand with a dress code; you'd be sceptical about hiring a particular candidate if they weren't well presented. The same goes with the office space; customers and other stakeholders will find it easier to take your business seriously if your office looks professional and well put together. It shows that you are passionate and care about your job.

New office space

4. Growth

As a start-up, all you focus on is growth; it's natural. With that in mind, an unhealthy-looking office design is not sustainable for business growth. This approach will negatively affect the business as employees won't engage; they could potentially start looking for nicer places to work and, if anything, could lead to deflation. Employees want to work in an environment that has a WOW factor. Co-working spaces that provide flexible working ranges go down a treat with employees. It allows them to collaborate with other workforce members as appose to sitting at one uncomfortable desk. Businesses with 'instagrammable' looking office spaces tend to attract customers when spaces are built as their USP. Instagrammable spaces encourage and invite stakeholders to the office as they want to be a part of the experience and physically get involved.

Office growth design

5. Attraction and Retention 

You want your employee talent to stay in your business. The only way of doing this is by creating ways to diminish the reasons they should leave. Creating a well-designed office space will encourage talent as well as enticing the existing talent to stay put. As a start-up, you need your talent to stick with you as your business gets off the ground. Office design can help you with that. Don't risk the inefficiency and lowered productivity resulting from a poorly planned office space. A thoughtful design and plan are the key to helping your start-up and team reach their full potential.

Attraction and retention

For more information on how you can design your office to suit the needs and wants of your employees, Click here.

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