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5 Steps to finding the best office refurbishment company

5 Steps to finding the best office refurbishment company

5 Steps to finding the best office refurbishment company

Choosing the right office refurbishment partner can be a daunting experience, especially as the commercial refurbishment sector is very competitive with several companies all eager to secure your business.

Worry not as Officeinsight have put together 5 steps to help you find the best office refurbishment company to help achieve your company goals, whether that be enhancing recruitment, wellbeing or productivity.


Create a Wishlist

Office refurbishments can vary in terms of scope and the goals each business hopes to achieve. A tech focused company with a lot of development talent is unlikely to have the same requirements as a telecoms provider who employ vast teams of customer service advisors.

There isn’t a one size fits all office design, therefore you should assemble an inter-departmental team to create a list of wish list of the services you require from an office refurbishment company along with the objectives you wish to achieve from your new space. This information can help to narrow down prospective refurbishment providers and can provide their designers with a great starting point.



When you’re looking for an office refurbishment company, extensive research is key to securing an office which meets your needs now and well into the future. Finding an office refurbishment partner who you can trust means you aren’t going to be left with a shoddy office, delivered behind schedule and costing an arm and a leg.

Start your research by asking your network for recommendations or perform a Google search for office refurbishment companies in your area e.g. Manchester. Look at their reviews, testimonials and case studies of their most recent projects to see whether they look up to the task of delivering on your vision for your new office space.

Also consider conducting due diligence and check the financial position of your prospective refurbishment company. Tools such as Duedil and CreditSafe can provide all the relevant background information regarding debts and other financial information to ensure you can trust the company you’re dealing with. Look out for up to date public liability insurance and any certificates of accreditation, for example Contractor Health and Safety (CHAS).



By now you will have been in touch with several office refurbishment specialists and should be in possession of several quotes and have compiled information regarding each company’s services and availability.

The shortlisting stage is where you compare each company’s service offering and availability to see which refurbishment provider can give you the best services for your business, e.g. if you need a partner who can design the space for you look for providers which employ office designers in house.



The cost of refurbishing your office will depend largely on the on the size and scope of your project. It is important to consider all potential costs when budgeting for your office refurbishment project to avoid any surprise fees which could place pressure on your cashflow.

The best step to take would be to gather several quotes from your chosen office refurbishment specialists, analysing exactly what their quotes cover in terms of the types and quantities of any furniture, insurance coverage and any other services you have requested. An inexpensive quote may miss some of these finer details which could result in a much more costly project than you first expected much more costly in the end.

Make a Decision

The final step in your journey towards finding the best office refurbishment company is to make your final decision.

Weigh up the quoted costs, the services offered and each company’s past projects to make an informed final decision.


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