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7 Office Redecoration Tips That Boost Employee Productivity

By Raymond Chiu | Director of Operations |

A refurbished office can create positive effects in the work environment. Employees don't want to sit in a cubicle all day, hunched on their keyboards and squinting at their computer screens. The environment needs to be inspiring and overall a nice place to be.

If you want to increase productivity, here are some office redecoration tips to improve your workplace environment:

Have a minimalist approach

Is your office cluttered? While you may often take it for granted, a cluttered office can have a detrimental effect on productivity.

Having an organised workplace is more than just being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It can have a psychological effect, too. A chaotic environment makes it hard for employees to find inspiration. Just think how hard it is to complete a task at hand if employees are physically uncomfortable with their environment.  Meanwhile, workplaces that are tidy make employees feel more comfortable.

Incorporate greenery into your office

A workspace with vibrant greenery brings psychological and physical benefits. The effects of plants can help to improve air quality, decrease contaminants, and even overall noise levels by reducing sound reverberations.

In a study conducted by scientists in the University of Exeter, they found out that plants can create a positive effect on the workplace, making employees happier, and even increase productivity levels by 15 percent. Moreover, they found out that adding some greenery in the office improves workplace satisfaction, levels of concentration, and perceived air quality.

Combine that with the fact that plants generally look and smell nice. Not bad, right?

Redecorate the walls

If your office walls are dull grey or magnolia, then it's time for a refresh. While magnolia walls may look crisp and clean, it isn't a color that's conducive to working. As you can see colors can induce a variety of emotions, which can directly affect the output and mood of your staff.

Here are some colour choices, and how you can use them properly:

  • Red– Red is a stimulating colour that's great for people that have detail-oriented tasks.
  • Blue- Blue is a calming colour that's perfect for creative types. It helps foster creativity by opening the mind to new ideas.
  • Green- Green is another inspiring color that helps create harmony and balance. According to a study that was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it also improves creative performance. If innovation in the office is a vital component, then green is an excellent choice.
  • Yellow- Too much of the colour can be too stimulating for other people. It can also induce anxiety, too. It's a lousy choice for conference rooms as people can quickly lose their temper.
  • Grey- While grey can be a neutral colour, it also lacks energy. But you can still use this color in small amounts in the office, together with livelier colors such as red, or yellow.

Consider adding soothing scents in the office

The right scent in the workplace can make it a more inviting and conducive space. A pleasing ambient scent can do wonders in engaging people with mostly unconscious behavior. Usually, this can mean increased alertness and productivity levels. Try to experiment with various scents at first and try to find out which appeals most to most of your workers.

Try investing in new furniture

Having the right furniture can also directly impact worker productivity. While you certainly don't have to replace everything all at once but if you call in a workplace consultant, they will be able to advise you on new working practices to help you increase efficiencies.  

Let the sunlight in

Windows and light can play a vital role in an employee's overall satisfaction in their workplace. Natural light can produce happier employees, reduced stress, fewer illnesses, and absenteeism. A dose of sunlight can help improve productivity and alertness. Not to mention, it's more economical, too. You can significantly save on energy costs in the long run.

Let employees add their personal touch into their workstation

Every worker is different, and each of them has their own personal style. That's why you need to encourage them to personalise their workspace in one way or another.

It's easier to be productive and motivated at their tasks if a sense of familiarity surrounds them. Ideally, your goal is to let your workers see themselves in the space that they wor

Wrapping It Up

One of the greatest secrets in getting work done, and boosting employee productivity, is the environment.

Environmental components can directly impact one's work output. So, if you want to stimulate creativity and productivity in the workplace, you need to create the right environment for everyone.

The last thing that you want to do is to end up with unmotivated employees who can compromise your brand by decreasing productivity. View your workers as your valuable resource, and they'll be more than willing to return the favour, ten-fold.

About the Author 

Raymond Chiu is from Maid Sailors. Maid Sailors offers its customers unrivalled office cleaning services that can address even the toughest cleaning needs. 

Black colour paint image kindly supplied by Pat Freling of Paint Strategies

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