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Is it worthwhile paying a specialist fit-out company to complete an office fit-out?

It’s understandable that there is a common misconception that handling an office fit-out yourself is cheaper than engaging the services of a specialist office design and fit-out company, but does it really save you time and budget in the long run?

 The advantages of hiring a dedicated office design and fit-out team are endless – while in some cases the initial outlay will be more – in the long run getting in contact with a specialist team to handle your office refurbishment has huge benefits.

The benefits of paying for a specialist office fit-out company:

One point of contact

As the entire project is delivered by one experienced team, this builds in flexibility and end-to-end customer support. With the one point of contact for each phase of the development, an in-depth project history is developed and therefore enquiries can be dealt with in deeper context and more swiftly. Saving the project valuable time and cost.

Handed over to a specialist

Turnkey contracts reduce the need for much involvement, instead the entire process of the project’s design and delivery is handed over to a specialist. You simply submit one request to one person and don’t have to re-explain any issues. Handing over the project, reduces the need to liaise with various contractors, allowing the office fit-out to be carried out smoothly while significantly reducing the stress for you. In most cases, to ensure prompt payment and a timely delivery, the contractor is required to finish the job to your agreed specifications and deadlines. This significantly reduces the pressure and stress placed on yourself as the customer, and most likely person to be responsible for the fit-out from your company.

Quicker turnaround 

With a single process for the design and construction, the specialist can begin procuring sub-contractors and materials while the plans are being finalised. As a result, this significantly reduces the project schedule as a whole, accelerating the delivery of the overall build.

Reduced cost overruns

Turnkey projects often can often reduce financial unknowns and provide the client with the ability to accurate calculate return on investment as a total project can be supplied from the start. With traditional, DBB approach, often the construction costs are unclear until it has been fully designed.

Knowledge of the procedure

Most companies would have years of experience in dealing with the legal procedures of completing an office fitout, and so using this knowledge can help save time, money and the risk of mistakes. Plus, relevant and recent experience in the best ways to complete a fit-out could help save significant costs for you.

Complete compliance

Having a specialist office design and fit-out company deliver a turnkey package provides you peace of mind on both sides of the compliance coin. Firstly, in managing health and safety during the deliver phase, ensuring the site is kept safe and secure to CDM guidelines, correct PPE is worn, inductions take place, contractors have the correct insurance level and documentation in place, F10 form is submitted.

Secondly, with building control compliance. The specialist ensures that the works being undertaken are reviewed by local building control and a fire officer to ensure the design is safe and not compromising the fire strategy.

Getting an office fit-out company on board is, without doubt, absolutely worth it – interested in getting in touch? Click here to find out more about us, our fit-out services and to get in contact!

Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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