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7 Ways To Go Green In The Office

7 Ways To Go Green In The Office

7 Ways To Go Green In The Office

The Importance Of An Eco-Friendly Workplace

According to a new poll from PLAY, a quarter of GEN Z employees (18 to 24 year olds) would not work at a business who profited from unsustainable practices. If you care about the attraction and retention of talent, this statistic will have a massive impact on your ability to recruit at minimal costs for your business.

Many of us have already introduced more sustainable lifestyles and homes since the COVID-19 pandemic, it's only natural that these good practices extend into the office.

Eco-Friendly Workplaces and Biophilic Design

Before reading our article on the seven ways to make your office a greener space, it is worth exploring an interesting and trending design style - Biophilic Design. An eco-friendly office should be more than a statement to your employees, the design of your office should follow what your company stands for. Introducing a Biophilic design concept to your Office Space would be a significant way to positively impact your office spaces' design and employee wellbeing.

Why Should You Choose A Biophilic Office Design?

There are many reasons why you should choose a Biophilic Office Design. By incorporating natural elements like plants and sunlight, the biophilic design fosters a healthier and happier work environment, leading to increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved employee attraction and retention - all contributing to a company's success. 

Furthermore, a biophilic design choice would support and compliment your companies eco-friendly message and ethos - improving brand image and reputation.

Want to explore how we can introduce Biophilic concepts into your workspace? Get in contact now.

Seven Ways To Make Your Office Greener Space

Here are the seven ways you can make your office a greener space as a team to save energy, costs and create a healthier and productive office space.

1) Recycle

Making a small step, such as recycling your waste has an existential effect on how you can reduce your waste, and is a step in the right direction when looking to go green in the office.

Take a look at our UCAS case study, which included recycling bins in the office design and fit-out, to act as a reminder for the staff to recycle. Choosing recycling aids like these ones make it clearer and easier to recycle, and helps avoid waste that can be recycled from ending up in landfill.

2) Reduce Waste

Look at how your business can reduce its waste, whether this be wasting resources – turn off the lights upon exit of the room, if you are the last in it and make sure any heating is turned off overnight.

Look at installing hand dryers in your design, to avoid the use of hand towels, and get reusable hot drink cups to avoid disposing of paper cups.

3) Be More Energy Efficent

Include lights with sensors, so that they only turn on when someone is near. This saves a lot of energy, and means that your staff don’t have to worry about turning off the light, as it is automatic. In addition, using LED lightbulbs rather than halogen bulbs is also highly recommended as not only do LED last 10x longer, but also consume 85% less electricity!

4) Choose the Right Furniture Suppliers

At Officeinsight, we use suppliers who also are environmentally conscious and have sustainable targets, such as to become carbon neutral. By choosing us, we can integrate the furniture they supply into your office design to make sure that your design remains green and sustainable.

5) Go Paperless

With the help of online and cloud-based servers, it makes going paperless so much more achievable. Not only does cloud-based technology provider greater access for your staff, it also reduces the amount of waste paper your company produces - helping reduce the negative impact your business has on the environment.

6) Form Partnerships

At Officeinsight, we have partnered with Just One Tree, and they plant a tree for every 10mof office space that we fit-out. This helps to keep our carbon footprint low, and helps give back to the environment, especially in areas of deforestation. You can also partner with the organisation here!

7) Encourage Green Travel

There are many alternative methods to travel to work, other than by the gas guzzling car! Why not encourage your staff to use public transport, or cycle or even walk? There are many health benefits to staying active during the day, and it helps the environment. Even urging your staff to use electric travel options, such as purchasing an electric car helps your business move in the right direction environmentally.

Interested in seeing how we keep our practices sustainable? Click here to find out more.
Want to see how we can help you introduce sustainability into your office space? reach out to us here

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