Design-led elements to add the 'real wow' factor to your workspace

Looking to secure the great talent and culture you already have or attract the best new talent out there? What you need is the ‘real wow’ factor for your workspace.

Beyond the quirky charm of the internal slide, giant living wall or impressive light feature, office design now needs to dig deeper and look past the aesthetics, to explore how it can support the growth of great culture.

The unique 3D process to office design and fit-out at Officeinsight allows us to dig deeper to DefineDesign and Deliver. Defining what it is that your employees really are looking for from a great workplace experience and weaving all those elements and considerations into the foundations of the new office design and layout - these things combined is what delivers the ‘real wow’ factor employees are looking for.

Some things to consider when looking at your office design and creating a ‘real wow’ factor are:

●     Are people interacting and collaborating?

●     Is this an enjoyable place to be?

●     How much choice and control do my employees have over their work settings?

●     How are people working?

●     How can this physical space best support the work being done and help everyone succeed?

●     Does this space match the identity and vision for the business?


The design of the workplace can play a significant role in facilitating and encouraging positivity among employees. Given that a significant amount of our lives are spent working, employees who can choose where and how they want to work are much more engaged based on their type of work.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we work forever, what hasn’t changed is the best place to start when designing a new office space. This needs to start by understanding (Define) what features will suit my employees.

While remembering that there is no 'one size fits all’ approach to getting the best ‘wow’ factors for your workspace.