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Do I have to engage my staff in the design and build process?

Do I have to engage my staff in the design and build process?

Do I have to engage my staff in the design and build process?

Your staff are the main drivers of your business and are what will move your business to the next level. In a similar manner to plants, they need to be cared for and given the right conditions so that they can thrive appropriately.

Ensuring you have open communication helps your staff be aware of what is happening in the external environment. This is particularly applicable when changing your workspace – whether this be relocation or changing the interior of your current workspace so that whatever space you have reflects your company’s exciting brand and the direction you are moving in.

Having open communication throughout your business is essential, especially when seeking to minimise objectors within the staff. Fear of change is one of the most common causes of objections to change, so by making sure that you communicate changes as early as possible so that all staff can mentally prepare for it.

There are many benefits to having open communication in the workspace, such as:

  • Healthy workplace culture

Effective communication helps break down any conflict that may arise in an inclusive workplace. Seeking open problem-solving methods helps to eradicate any feelings that may bubble underneath the surface. It helps create a healthy and accepting environment, where all employees feel equal and understood.

  • Mitigated conflict

It is not uncommon for tensions to arise in the workplace environment, due to the different perceptions and opinions we all have. However, taking proactive steps to mitigate any conflicts before they ruin the workplace culture is vital to ensuring a consistent open environment, that makes the employees want to come in.

  • Increased employee engagement

Communicating and being open about company goals, helps your staff sympathize with the business and its direction. It acts as a motivator and ensures that your staff will align with your core values to drive your business forward in the right direction.

  • Boosted employee job satisfaction

Open communication helps employees feel supported, and happy staff can be up to 20% more productive than their unhappy colleagues, so in all ways round, open communication is worth it. Increased job satisfaction also means better retention and attraction of talent – which is always a booster for a business.

Fully utilising our Define tool, helps engage staff in the process, as we have a custom-made survey that we send out to your staff so that we can discover their needs for the office. This is useful in many ways, as it helps them participate in the change, and feel like they have made a useful contribution.

We also offer video walkthroughs that you can send to your staff so they can see what the space will look like for themselves, alleviate any fears that may be developing, and garner some enthusiasm for the new space!

Want to get in touch about your design and build needs? Send us an email at projects@officeinsight.co.uk or give us a call at 0161 233 0030.

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