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How To Add Personality To Your Office Space | Guest Blog

Sometimes interior design is all about the small things and, when it comes to office space, making your workplace aesthetically pleasing comes down to just this. Your employees could have the most exciting job, but if they’re having to work in a dull and monochrome office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, then this is going to have some kind of impact on their productivity. Your office space can have a huge impact on company culture and adding some personality and colour to your office space is a small and simple way you can refresh the space.

In an office space, the layout of the room doesn’t need changing and the furniture won’t need to be updated as it will already be functional and fit the space. Often, if you want to refresh your office space, then adding some personality and giving the décor an update can completely transform your office space, making it all the more enjoyable for your employees. Here are some ways that you can add some personality to your office space.

Home Away From Home

Your employees will likely spend a large amount of time sitting at their desk. Other than their dinner hour or when they’re in meetings, then they’ll be sat in the same place for hours. If their desk is really uninspiring and they only tend to have to have notebooks and work items in their personal space, then you can’t really expect them to feel inspired.

Let your employees know that they can bring personal items in to make their space their own and to make their workspace feel more comfortable. Whether it’s photographs of their children or significant others, desk plants or even just a few mementos, having a few personal items in their space might be just what they need when they need a pick me up.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Using Colour

Research has shown that colour can have a huge impact on mood. If your office is a plain and boring white, then this can cause morale to drop amongst your employees. Giving your office a fresh coat of paint can give your office some personality and using colours to do this is a quick and budget friendly way that can be adjusted and personalised to suit your office.

You could create a colourful accent wall, use coloured and patterned soft furnishings or even change the colour of the carpets. In shared spaces, such as corridors, kitchens or meeting rooms, using fun and colourful wall art prints can brighten up a room instantly. Be sure to carry out due diligence and choose a colour scheme that suits your workplace and that also keeps your employees motivated and focused. Be sure that your furniture and interior choices complement each other to create a professional and cohesive décor.

Comfort Is Key

Resimercial design

Employees tend to work more efficiently without being confined to uncomfortable office chairs or working with less than adequate equipment. The right office furniture will completely depend on your employees and general day to day work environment. Don’t feel as though you need to stick to one type of office furniture or stay traditional, why not mix it up in the different spaces around your office?

Bean bags are often popular choices in communal office spaces, but will they get used? More often than not, people find bean bags uncomfortable to sit on, so consider other seating options such as armchairs, sofas, benches or even isolated little nooks where employees can sit comfortably to take a call or just to switch off for 10 minutes. When it comes to desk chairs, there are many different options available other than the traditional, and often very uncomfortable, desk chair. Exercise ball chairs, kneeling stools and standing desks are all becoming more common in offices where employees have different comfort levels and seating needs.

When it comes to making a statement in your office, your choice of office furniture will go a long way. Try to avoid the generic and uncomfortable choices and opt for something more suited to your employees.

Compliment Different Personalities

Comfort compliment

Adding personality to your office is all well and good, but if you focus on your own personality and preferences over those of your employees, then you won’t be making the workspace any more comfortable for them. Your employees will all have different personalities, but trying to create a workplace that suits them all will prove difficult, especially if you are confined to a smaller space.

By creating a variety of different work areas and environments, this will help you to accommodate the different and diverse work styles and personalities of your employees. Having a dedicated conference space for meetings, lounge areas for impromptu meetings and phone calls and quiet areas where employees can focus and concentrate if needed are all important.

If you have the space and budget, then look at setting up an area where employees can enjoy their lunch break and chat with their coworkers. Having an established breakroom is important as it allows your employees to step away from their desk at lunchtime and relax for a bit. 

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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