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Four steps you can take to create a people focused workspace

Despite tech becoming more and more involved with the day-to-day running of the business, it can be easy to forget that, despite how advanced your technical equipment is, there are still people that look after the everyday running of the business. It is important to look after these people, as for example, Gen Z view work as an occupation rather than a need, and prioritise their experience rather than the pay.

Listen to your people

As the younger generations are changing how we view work, and where their priorities lie, listening to your staff is only growing in importance. According to an annual survey conducted by flexjobs, 80% of Millennials say that they seriously consider how a position will affect their work-life balance – and did you know that millennials now take up approximately 50% of employees?

This shows how crucial listening to your employees is if you want to maintain high retention of talent. Allowing your staff to input their ideas and needs for your new office design and fit-out will leave them feeling listened to and appreciated.

Consider employee needs

There are many different employee needs that need to be considered for maximum inclusivity, and to help create the best people-focused office space. Think of examples such as having a prayer room for those whose religion may require one, or installing a lift so that those who need wheelchair access, can work upstairs.

Additionally, by having a variety of different working zones, such as the collaboration area and private desks – there is an area that suits all characteristic types, whether this be an introvert or extrovert.

Communicate goals and measure progress

By communicating your goals as an organisation, and how you plan to measure progress, you can help your staff understand your targets so that they can incorporate their values with yours, and help you meet your targets as a business.

Having your staff’s input is crucial, and adds a further reason why they should be listened to, as it is their loyalty and enthusiasm that will be helping your business move from strength to strength.

Think of the inclusive design

We have touched on this in a recent blog which you can read here, but having an inclusive design is very important when creating a people-focused office space.

Not only does it mean catering for all needs, but it can also aid everyone in boosting productivity and collaboration, whilst growing in confidence. It is important to remember that having an inclusive office space means that you cater for all needs and disabilities – especially the ‘invisible’ disabilities, such as mental health issues.

Some offices have private rooms to help cater for those who might need privacy in times of need.

The Define tool can help you find out what your employees’ needs are. As the workplace consultancy session takes a holistic approach, providing an opportunity to gain actual data which can help you optimise your space, and understand the future needs of your workspace and workforce.

Interested in getting in touch, so that you can create your people-focused office space? Fill out an online form in to make an enquiry today so that one of our team can get in touch with you.

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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