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How can I improve acoustics in the office?

How can I improve acoustics in the office?

How can I improve acoustics in the office?

According to a survey conducted by The Remark Group, 52% of workers are interrupted by noise distractions more than five times a working day.  This may seem like a horrific figure, but fear not – there is a lot you can include in your office design to help remedy this issue. Acoustics play a large part in solving the noise distraction problem.

There are many ways you can improve acoustics in the office and here we cover off our most frequently asked questions to help you understand and identify the best way to tackle your noise distractions.

What are acoustics?

Acoustics help to absorb unwanted sound waves and are viewed as great sound blockers. Not only are they essential for reducing distracting noise in open-plan offices, but they can also be multi-functional and add character to your workspace.

How do I include acoustics effectively in my office design?

Visualise the type of space you are creating, and the expected noise levels that will be made in those zones. For instance, open plan desking and collaboration spaces may be louder than a private office or quiet working area. However, it may be important to also have some sort of acoustic products in the quiet areas, to ensure that loud noise doesn’t travel to other areas in the workspace.

What products do we recommend?

We have a blog on this, click here to read more on this. Installing carpet may be a no-brainer, as it works very effectively at reducing other people’s footsteps and general noise in a room. Sound waves tend to bounce off the six faces of a room, and so by having carpet, you can limit its ability for unnecessary travel. Other recommendations include acoustic screens and ceiling panels.

Are they sustainable?

Not all acoustic products are sustainable, however autex acoustics and allsfar both offer sustainable options with recyclable products, and carbon neutral goods, making them a good choice for your sustainable workspace design.

Does your office space currently suffer from noise distraction? This damages the productivity and wellbeing of staff, subsequently making the business suffer. Make a change today, and get in touch to change your workspace for the better, with an office equipped for the future – no matter what the climate. Get in touch today – 0161 246 2368, or fill out an enquiry form below.

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