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How do I plan an office fit-out?

How do I plan an office fit-out?

How do I plan an office fit-out?

Preparing for a fit-out? Follow our four-step pre-planning process to ensure you get it right first time.

No matter whether you’re planning a refurbishment to an existing office or moving to a completely new workspace. Your workplace is central part of the business. To help you get your project off the ground, we’ve prepared what a good plan looks like – a four-step process to get your office fit-out started on the right foot.

•Step One: Brief

•Step Two: Clear on the why

•Step Three: Establishing a budget

•Step Four: Finding a competent company

Planning in advance should leave you in the best position with regards to your office fit-out and using these four steps as a guide, helps keeps the process running smoothly and gets your project off to the best possible start.

Step One: Brief

Start by defining the brief helps you feel certain about the success of your office fit-out. Outlining what success looks like, what you require from the space and what inspires you should all be covered off in the first step. Read out latest blog:  to find out the eight questions you can answer to create the perfect office fit-out brief.

Step Two: Clear on the why

Step two is an important part of planning an office fit-out as it makes sure it is clear from the outset what it is you want to gain from undertaking an office fit-out. What’s the driving force behind exploring an office fit out. What’s the why? The reason, the challenge or problem we seek to address? Not only will this help you make key decisions on the project quicker and more confidently, but it will help our talented design team to transfer your goals into a tangible inspiring space.

Step three: Establishing a budget

Agreeing a budget and understanding whether your initial budget is likely to be enough and may need to increase or reduce to the scope of works you desire is an important step. We recommend using a cost calculator. A helpful tool, such as the free of charge, Officeinsight office fit-out calculator  will give you various options to choose from, options to select the standard of finish and the quantities of furniture required. The calculator will the give you an estimated fit-out cost and size of space required.

Step Four: Finding a competent company

The fourth step is to decide on which office fit-out company to engage. We’d recommend an office fit-out company that has had prior experience in the vision you are looking to create, has similar aligned values and a clear process to tackling your project.

Looking to get in touch about taking the plan for your office fit-out to the next stage? Get in touch with us here today: https://www.officeinsight.co.uk/contact

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