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Hybrid Working Post Lockdown: More Than Working From Home

Hybrid Working Post Lockdown: More Than Working From Home

Hybrid Working Post Lockdown: More Than Working From Home

Is remote working a new concept?

No - it was around long before the pandemic hit, in fact before the pandemic, staff went into the office on an average of 3.8 days a week.

However, COVID-19 forced many to change their viewpoint on the concept – it made many realise the pro’s and con’s to working from home.

Whilst having an increased flexible schedule and decreased commute time in the day, 1 in 3 people love the savings that working from home brings, which is particularly applicable in the current climate, with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

However, we all know that being at home can lessen productivity, with increased chances of distractions and the difficulty to find the cut-off point from work-life to home-life and the difficulties you can find with collaboration and communication.

Is hybrid working the answer?

According to gov.uk, 85% of employees currently working from want a ‘hybrid’ approach of both home and office working in the future.

This finds the balance between coming to work every day, and working from home every day. There are four main hybrid working models, that a business can take on – you can read more about this here.

Creating commute-worthy spaces

Many employers are looking to create their office space into a hub for their business, and transform it into a workspace full of culture and collaboration. They need to be worth the commute for your employees, and can be used to motivate your staff to come into the workspace.

By having an interesting and forward-thinking workspace design, your workspace can entice your employees back into the office, whilst improving productivity, mental health and well-being.

Making sure your workspace is optimised for your business can reap so many benefits, such as happier employees, increased retention of staff, improved well-being and improved culture – the list goes on!

In a world where culture plays a big part in influencing the attraction of the best talent, it is important that your workspace lives up to your culture and will attract the best talent that will help your business grow in the right direction.

According to Forbes, 2023 will continue to see a tight labour market with employers vying for top talent. This means that workers will still have the upper hand when it comes to demanding higher pay and better benefits. Having a great workspace to work from is considered an office perk, and having a futuristic office design, gives you an immediate advantage when hiring new talent.

One of our latest projects at Invisible Systems, created a flexible workspace that allowed them to adopt hybrid and agile working methods. By having desk space and collaboration space, it means there is opportunity for town hall style meetings, quick and impromptu conversations and focused work to be done. See more here:

 Want to make your workspace better suited to hybrid working and attract the best talent? Get in touch by emailing us on projects@officeinsight.co.uk or 0161 233 0030.

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