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Love your workplace – Sustainability

Love your workplace – Sustainability

Love your workplace – Sustainability

It is essential to love and want the best for your environment and the environment where you work. Responsible, creative, and dedicated designs define sustainability. It is necessary to consider avoiding the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.

With growing awareness of how our consumption can impact the environment, many companies make a conscious effort to change and lessen their environmental footprint. For example, adapting an existing design to be more durable or energy efficient, using sustainable materials to furnish office fit-outs, or changing the way goods are packaged and transported during office delivery.

It is important to consider sustainable manufacturers when supplying your new office fit-out. Committing to a sustainable office includes considering its first life, at the construction stage to when your office has been fitted.

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Materials and fabrics have always been at the forefront of reducing the carbon footprint as reputable manufacturers can help provide us with a list of ingredients. The ingredients usually indicated on a care label allow consumers to see directly what goes into the furniture bought. Chemicals such as PVC, benzidine dyes, ozone depletes, hexavalent chromium, certain hazardous phthalates, and PBDE flame retardants, should be avoided. Supplying materials without these chemical ingredients remains a sustainable standard and well-being as the carbon footprint is reduced.

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Life Cycle and Longevity

It is essential to choose wisely when equipping your new office space. Office furniture needs to be built to last and can be repaired or upgraded when coming to the end of its timeline. It would help if you avoided furnishings that are poorly made or feel disposable to remain sustainable.

The average furnishing item should last within a 7-year life span or otherwise seen as a waste of time and money. The fixed asset should seek out manufacturers and vendors that offer warranties, service plans and build in contingencies for obsolescence.

If you have old furniture for disposal, try and do everything you can to avoid waste. Recycling office furniture and renovation to update its look helps save the planet and is an easy solution to refrain us from adding to pollution.

It may be essential to contact local schools, charities, and non-profits to see if they would buy the goods and recycling that way.

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Why do I need sustainable furniture?

Many businesses don’t take into account the benefits that can be achieved by purchasing furniture with sustainable trends. However, sustainable furniture gives the user endless opportunities to exploit its features, applicable to gain maximum comfort within the office space.

At Officeinsight, we care about the environment and recognise that we are responsible for considering all aspects of manufacturing and installation processes and their impact upon them.

We are committed to continuously improving ways in which we can minimalise these effects, including reducing pollution and waste in all areas of our processes.

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