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Managing a Design Team Remotely

It may not seem like it, but design, and professional designers, have a fundamental role in our society, even though they are not highly valued. I know that it doesn't seem easy to believe that design is part of our daily lives, we can't “see” it around us, but it is there. Design is in everything we use, touch, and consume: it is in our phones, cars, appliances, packaging, and images scattered around.

 Its essential tasks include helping the brand/company communicate with its audience, or improve a user’s experience. In other words, the designer’s work is important, but what to do, or rather, how to get together and carry out work with these pandemic times? How can brands decide a value or a “face” for your company without being face to face? If you want to know more, read this article below.

5 Programs to Hold Your Meetings at Any Time

1.   ZOOM

It is one of the platforms that is being used the most during this pandemic, mainly because it allows screen sharing, which for the design area will be incredible at home meetings.

 This platform supports up to 10,000 people online and has its free version (which allows unlimited individual meetings), and within this category, meetings with up to 100 people can last up to 40 minutes.

 Its paid version, which starts at $14, allows group calls of up to 24 hours, personalized URLs, and more exclusive services. Being very easy and quick to use, everything is very intuitive, having the practicality of not being needed to create an account, or even download a program.

2.   Jitsi Meet

It is a platform accessible through any browser, and it’s not necessary to download an application or create your profile on another platform. What you need to do is create a room and click on "GO" – then, you just need to share the link provided with your team.

 To add to that, the platform is 100% free, there is no paid version, and you can manage to hold online meetings with up to 50 people, using chat functions, screen sharing, among other functions quite different from other platforms.

 Did you know that with this platform it is possible to record your video conference, broadcasting it live to a YouTube account? It is definitely a platform that has everything you need, especially for work.

3.   Slack

It is a little-known tool, but it can work miracles when it comes to video conferences. In its free version, the platform offers the option of meetings for up to 15 people, and best of all, it has the possibility to create sectors for each work team.

 Slack will provide channels for each specific group, with personalized notifications, screen and file sharing, and more. It is quite famous in large companies and serves as an email for some users as well.

4.   Google Meet & Hangouts

They may be from the same company, but they are quite different. Google Meet is more suitable for business users, being a solution for companies that had never implemented work at home before everything was needed. It allows the synchronization of calendars, facilitating the scheduling of meetings, screen sharing, and a more professional interface.

 Google Hangouts, despite being one of the best known, allows you to start a video conference in seconds, just access your page and choose a contact who has an active Google account. It is also possible to exchange text messages or make phone calls! Sadly, recently, it has lost its ability to hold live meetings, but it remains a viable option.

5.   GoToMeeting

Another one in the list of apps for team meetings with a more professional aspect, like Google Meet, this one also allows you to synchronize calendars for better programming and scheduling. In addition to being able to start a meeting on any shelf, the application allows access to automatic transcription of the meeting afterward, and can also exchange text messages between participants.

How to make online meetings productive?

We already know that online meetings, in the home-office environment, are an excellent method to connect with your team, whether to align activities, plans, or ideas. The pandemic showed us that this habit that had to be incorporated into our culture in a hurry, is effective and yet very productive. Being able to streamline tasks that previously could have taken much longer to complete.

 Before any meeting, it is good to check and anticipate what are the issues that will be addressed and what are your possible contributions. Do not wear pyjamas! Realize that your home, or some specific space inside it, is your working environment, so look good and dress professionally.

 It is good to check that all software for the meeting to take place is good to go, and punctuality is essential. Try not to be distracted by the things around you, I know it is quite difficult, but try not to disperse, so find a quiet place, and turn off any device that might distract you.

 Finally, be patient. We know that the transition from the face-to-face  to online is complicated, even more so at the moment we live, with bad news every second. Be understanding with your team and with yourself, as it will definitely facilitate the transition.

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Don't Give up, Adapt!

Thanks to Covid-19, the professional world has been through some drastic changes, and the sooner you, your team, and your company, adapt and acquire skills in this “new” method, the more competitive and qualified to the future of the market you will be.

 So, have good meetings, be present and excited, it may seem like the end, but it is only the beginning of something new, and everything that is new is only bad at the beginning, then it becomes routine and a habit in our lives. Thanks for reading, a good luck!

Carlie Dunbar

Written on the 23rd May 2024 by

Working behind the scenes, Carlie assists with the purchasing and setting up of new projects and looks after day-to-day tasks within the office.

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