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Material Source visit

Material Source visit

Material Source visit

Visitors through the doors of the Material Source Studio, Manchester can take inspiration from over 40+ of the world’s leading built environment brands. With fantastic free samples, fabulous coffee, and friendly faces the NOMA-based showroom is a destination for the creative community.

From stepping through the doors, the Officeinsight team enjoyed learning about new products, the endless possibilities of recycled materials, and soaking up the amazing atmosphere.

Described as a “creative ecosystem” the space plays host to a Studio Gallery, CPD seminars, product launches, and workshops, the studio also acts as a sustainable and current way to view the latest products and materials in beautiful surroundings.

There is always something new to see. A recent visit to the Material Source Studio by the Officeinsight team threw up the following sustainable design inspirations:

PaperStone - this unique and versatile surface material, primarily made from FSC-certified recycled paper cardboard, offered beautiful, stylish surface design solutions. Delivering high performance across a wide range of applications such as bars, table tops, reception desks, and washrooms, PaperStone is as hard as stone yet made from paper.

Wybelt, unique stool made from 100% plastic consumer waste and can be recycled indefinitely.

Alba, made from the humble kitchen cast-off, a yoghurt pot. Sophisticated, luxurious and highly versatile in appearance, this surface solution offers a tactile design, which is a great conversation starter.

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