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Office fit-out checklist: Expert list of considerations

Office fit-out checklist: Expert list of considerations

Office fit-out checklist: Expert list of considerations

Having a checklist for any task increases efficiency, as the ability to prioritise and break down major tasks into more manageable activities makes it easier to handle.


With our expertise and experience in office fit-out, we have compiled a check list of planning considerations so that you do not overlook any important parts the process when it comes to tackling an office design and fit-out or refurbishment project.


At Officeinsight, our whole approach is to breakdown all office fit-out and refurbishment projects into management parts: our 3-part process helps to simplify what could be an overwhelming task list into three much simpler steps. Define, Design, Deliver.


We’d ask you to start your project by allocating time to considering the following:


  • Setting a budget
  • Drafting a brief with the team
  • Refurb or relocate?
  • View new spaces 
  • Choosing the right fit-out partner
  • Engaging the workforce


We almost can’t put enough stress on how important setting a budget is. As the first task in your cost checklist, it allows you the opportunity to calculate a realistic return-on-investment whilst acting as a method to financially measure what success looks like for your company. It also allows you to prioritise your budget needs and most important goals. A clear budget allows you to see clearly from the outside areas where potential savings can be made.


Setting a budget can be difficult to do, and may leave you feeling overwhelmed however, our cost calculator can help give you an idea of what your budget range should be. If you feel unsure as to whether your budget is enough, explore how best to adjust the budget, or reduce the scope of works required to better align your vision and budget.

Creating a brief makes it easier for you and for an office fit-out team to understand your goals and what end result you are looking for. Some applicable questions to think about when drafting your brief are

  • What does success look like?
  • What do you want from the space?
  • What will the effect be on the bottom-line?
  • How is the office fit-out going to be funded?


Having this set out before you start approaching office design and fit-out companies will help you when choosing what office fit-out company you go with and also helps provide more of a direction for the company too.



Deciding whether you need to relocate to another office space, or just refurbish your current space is important for the budget and costing. Purchasing a new space is obviously a whole new investment, and deserves consideration however, negotiations and legal processes can be very time consuming, potentially delaying your office fit-out for a number of months.


Refurbishing your current space is usually a quicker process, however if you are needing to temporarily move your workforce elsewhere whilst the work is completed, this will also need to be found and negotiated and then moved into.

Viewing new spaces will help you gain inspiration and give a glimpse of what your office could look like. Consider which spaces certain office fit-out companies have completed, and how they look as this will help you when choosing your office design and fit-out partner.


Click here to view our case studies or to contact us to get in touch about your fit-out now.

As we have been working towards, choosing the right fit-out partner is an important decision which shouldn’t be rushed. We would recommend that you get prices from at least three office design and fit-out companies. Three quotes will allow you to see which one best suit your needs and vision. Conducting some due diligence on your options is advised, such as researching what other projects they have completed and making sure that their values match with yours. Choose a team that you and your internal project team gel with and ensure they have relevant experience which can be backed up with case studies and client testimonials.


Don’t necessarily choose the lowest cost option, as a long-term investment such as this deserves a better build quality and a design that matches your vision rather than just the cheapest option.

After all, the workforce plays such a large role in keeping businesses running it is important their needs are considered. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to plan every step with you, but ensuring they are communicated to as to whatever changes may be made in the workplace and that they understand what will be happening. Don’t forget, resistance to change usually happens because of fear and a lack of understanding of what is happening so fully communicating the change should help to enthuse and inspire the workplace.


Even before you get into the office design and fit-out, there are still some large considerations to be made, which is why having a set checklist helps to ensure that enough time can be assigned to each task to help you reach the right outcomes for your office project from the outset.

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