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Tips For Desk Organisation

Tips For Desk Organisation

Tips For Desk Organisation

Working from your desk all day and every day within your office fit-out, can seem like a daunting thing to do. However, there are ways in which you can create a better, more comfortable environment for when sitting at your desk from 9 to 5. A decluttered work desk leads to a decluttered mindset, increasing productivity, while an organised desk looks more inviting.

The psychology behind having a tidy desk starts with motivation. A desk with piles of paper used coffee cups and other unessential items leave you with the stress of having to clean up before or after your office working day. It is essential to do something about how your office space is organised to help fulfil your workload.

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Tip one –

Decide the items you need on your desk. Keep your computer in front of you, and then put the things you use the most near your dominant hand. Apart from those items, everything else has the purpose of being in storage. There are many different solutions for storing both your office and personal belongings; it's just understanding how.

For example, Freestor Accent Lockers are perfect for maintaining a clear desk policy, enabling hot-desking and flexible working. They also allow staff to move freely throughout their office space without collecting their belongings before moving. Office lockers are ideal for keeping staff’s personal belongings safe and neatly stored without cluttering their desk with coats, bags, and other personal items.  

Freestor lockers

Tip two –

Do you need those files stacked on top of one and the other on your desk?

The answer to that is probably not. The key is to store these files appropriately, saving space and maximising style to any office space. Cluttering your office desk with large files can consume masses of space, whereby they can be neatly stored away with easy accessibility when required use.

The Jot Combination Storage provides your space with storage units with the benefit of a hinged door, flipper compartments, and side filer storage all in one unit. Storage units help to store items in components such as pigeonholes, filing frames, and various shelving slots. 

 Flexiform jot combination storage

Tip three –

Pedestals help to maintain the ‘free desk policy’, providing you with easy access to storage underneath their desk. With central locking featuring on a full steel carcass, mobile phones, tablets, and other distractions can be safely but neatly stored away until time to use. This mechanism suits any officed interior providing a range of internal components, including pen trays and dividers for filing drawers.

Personal storage pedestal

Tip four –

Last but by far least, remember always to wipe down your desk after use. According to the University of Arizona research, our work desks are home to some of the dirtiest and most germ-ridden surfaces we have met. Therefore, now more than ever, keeping a clean and tidy workspace is taking on heightened importance.

Sanitiser and other cleaning equipment may be appropriately stored within a pedestal underneath the work desk to provide easy access when needed.

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