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Ways to Encourage an Environmentally Conscious Workspace

Ways to Encourage an Environmentally Conscious Workspace

Ways to Encourage an Environmentally Conscious Workspace

Reducing Your Business' Environmental Impact

Lots of businesses across the globe are becoming more eco conscious especially after recent global pandemic. People are committed to reducing the impact on environment as well as corporations pledging to cut down on harmful emissions and waste.

From a business standpoint, consumers are more inclined to buy, invest and lend their support to companies who are socially responsible with regards to reducing their environmental impact. Studies show that 80% of people prefer to support brands who are more sustainable or developing an eco-conscious organisation.

There are various ways which your business can adapt to a more sustainable way of operating both accessibly and cost effectively. Here are a few examples of sustainable initiatives you can implement to encourage a friendly environment to your workspace.

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Ways To Reduce Your Workplace's Environmental Impact

Adopt a Recycling Programme

Implementing a recycling programme within your office is one way of supporting the mindfulness around sustainability. Its easy to provide sustainable kitchen areas to your workspaces by providing education on responsible waste disposal through clear signage. Psychologically knowing which bin to partition their waste between using clearly labelled bins will help to remove the laziness of just dumping waste into one bin. Collecting materials together in specific bins helps to combat unrecycled waste and supporting ethical practices. Our interior designers can also help design organisational bin storage solutions to look and feel good in your office kitchen fit out.

It is also easy to add waste storage solutions into office units, components for plastic, paper, cardboard, and cans all designed to fit the office space. Equipping your office space with designated bin storage encourages employees to recycle as there is more than just one bin, stops one bin from overflowing and helps to save the planet.

Going Paperless

Paper is another contributing factor to remaining unsustainable. It is important as an employer to consider other solutions to cut out the mass use of paper. Digital and cloud/server solutions have enabled businesses to become more collaborative, streamlined, efficient in the office as paper and ink are swapped out for an eco-conservative alternative.

 At Officeinsight, we can help provide you and your business with the best technology to allow each employee to access desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and Google Drive, investing in an eco-conscious working life.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Discourage wasteful habits from your employees by encouraging the use of upholstered and refurbished office furnishings. Our interior designers work closely with sustainable suppliers to help renovate existing furniture, adding up to date looks and materials to make furniture look like new. Keeping old furniture and repurposing it into something new helps to save the planet as well as the money in your pocket.

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Stay Green

Staying green and placing plants around the office fit out can help to identify the beauty within your workspace, uplift the atmosphere, reduce stress levels, and increase oxygen levels. Greenery has proven to remove harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. Therefore, you should help save the planet by adding a plant or two in your workspace or equally, our designers can fit out your desired space with nurturing plants.

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For more information on how can create a sustainable working environment for you and your employees contact [email protected]

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