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When should you get an office fit-out?

When should you get an office fit-out?

When should you get an office fit-out?

The decision to start an office fit-out is too easy to procrastinate. You may think you don’t really need to have a full office fit-out and that you’ll manage by replacing some of the furniture and refreshing the color scheme.

Likewise, you may have made a subconscious decision, that you already need to get an office fit-out. It could be that your current space isn’t working for your needs anymore – the staff are hybrid working and so your space isn’t being used like it used to be.

Either way, there is no better time to get on with your office fit-out than now.

However, if you still have doubts about your office fit-out – here are 5 reasons why you should get one:

1. Update your business identity and brand

Your office space is no longer just about where you work, it has become a widely used marketing tool to show clients and customers what you stand for as a business. Therefore, the culture and atmosphere within the office needs to match up to the brand you are trying to portray – this can be difficult to do if the office space is no longer in good shape and needs an update.

Likewise, it may be that your business has recently had a re-brand, and so the current space does not match the new color scheme or logos, and so an office fit-out needs to be undertaken.

When first moving into a new office space, there is often a rush to get the space set up so that work can resume meaning that not much thought is put into finding out what best works for you and the space.


2. Optimise the space and layout

Exploring a full office fit-out will allow you to identify your needs for the space so that you can come up with different lay-outs that work best for your team and new ways of working. As research conducted by Nespresso Professional, found that 44% of a survey, expect to work in the office 2-3 days a week showing that there is a definite move towards hybrid working. With this, many businesses are finding that with the space needs to be utilized in a different way than maybe what they had first perceived. Possibilities could include allowing more space for collaborative working, social spaces, fewer desks and making room for lockers for staff to secure and store their possessions when they are not in the office.


3. Boost productivity and workflow

The same research conducted by Nespresso Professional, also found that employees that are more productive in the office stated that camaraderie and collaboration was the reason behind this, as nearly half (46%) said that the easy collaboration in office, gave them a boost. By using an office fit-out company that cares about the long-term needs of your business, you can save money and make a good long-term investment in your office space.

4. Boost employee morale and wellbeing

Spending eight hours a day in a dull environment hardly stimulates the senses and could be why the team seems to be a bit lacking in enthusiasm. Getting an office fit-out is a good way to get the spring back in your teams’ step and can be used to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff. A good example is the widely used Biophilic design, where there is increased connection to the natural environment. This can be done by incorporating more natural materials in the design, such as wood and having real-life plants as this creates better air quality, natural light and controlled temperature which subsequently increases productivity and employee wellbeing.

5. Invest into your business

Investing money into developing your business will only help it in the long run, but only if you have the money to do so. Spending money you don’t have could lead to financial difficulties if careful considerations aren’t made. This is why we significantly suggest to budget your money accordingly.

It may not seem worth the hassle and disruption, but you need to remember that in the long-term, you will be a lot better off for having completed an office fit-out, as your staff will be increasingly productive and a much more impressive work space to show off and impress clients with.

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