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Why should I go down the Design + Build route?

Why should I go down the Design + Build route?

Why should I go down the Design + Build route?

Having your workspace updated helps solve many problems that may exist in your business environment.

With the uncertain financial times we live in, it is crucial that your business is working as efficiently as possible. Any issues should absolutely be solved, and as fast as possible before they have a long-term detrimental impact on the running of your business.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Unproductive staff

Your staff are like the cogs that keep your business moving. If they aren’t working properly, your business will not be performing at the optimum level. Having the right environment for your staff to thrive is crucial, as is having the right spaces for them to work so that their creativity can be inspired to come up with industry-leading ideas. If your staff are working in a space with ample distraction, poor lighting or without the right facilities or equipment, it is hardly surprising that they may not be performing well.

  • Sustainability

If you feel like your workspace is not  moving you in the right sustainable direction, then it may be time to consider updating it so that it is. By including more environmentally friendly systems in your space, such as heating, lighting and electrical systems, your space can be the first to mark your sustainable journey.

  • Low wellbeing

As a plant needs to be watered and nurtured to grow, your staff need to be looked after to work to their best ability. If you care for your staff, you would also want them to have good mental health so that they feel fit to work.

Having a design and build on your workspace could help you adjust your space to their needs, whether this be by including more private areas or collaboration spaces. Your people are your greatest asset that you can have as a business, and so looking after them should be a priority.

  • Struggling to retain or attract talent

Having the best talent will help you stay ahead of your industry, and your competitors. If you are finding it difficult to retain your talent, then you need to have a look at your business model and structure, as your staff mustn’t like working for you! Having an office revamp that gets your staff involved is a great way to start by showing that you genuinely do care for them.

In addition, unwanted recruitment costs can be a huge strain on the business, as talent becomes harder to find and more expensive, it can be an unnecessary cost on the bottom line.

  • Falling behind competitors

Another common driver behind companies getting a workspace fit-out is to stay ahead of their competitors. We see that getting your workspace revamped can trigger positive responses, as the below:

  • Old-fashioned space

As assigned desks are becoming less and less familiar in a working space, and being replaced by other working types such as booths, hot desks, booking facilities and collaboration zones, you may be looking to transform how you work to suit a more flexible way of working that reflects where your business is going.

  • Branding is not reflected in current space

Your workspace is fast becoming another marketing tool, especially if you are often bringing clients into  your space. It is important that it showcases where you are going as a business, how you are getting there and your exciting brand. Check out here to find out more on including branding in your space.

Updating your office space simultaneously solves problems and has concurrent benefits. If any of the problems discussed apply to you, it may be time for you to start thinking seriously about getting a workspace design and build. There is no better time to start planning than the present. Get in touch at [email protected] or 0161 246 2363.

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