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Calendar 9 weeks s
Office 9000 sq ft
Chair 55 Seats

The Brief

This project had three main aims:

  • To improve the quality of the environment for our staff working on site.
  • To ensure we have a northern customer facing property of the same high standard as our UK HQ.
  • Ensure the Grundfos brand is reflected in the workspace.
Grundfos 1 Grundfos 2

The Approach

Numerous seating types were designed into the large breakout/ kitchen space to ensure employees had a space to eat, chat and relax away from the buzz of the first floor office. Grundfos branding is visible throughout the design, from the vibrant wall graphics in the breakout space to the more subdued, bespoke waterwall feature which encapsulates the Grundfos Pumps brand, leaving a lasting impression on all visitors. A mixture of adjustable sit/stand desks, meeting rooms and training spaces combine to create a highly versatile working space on par with Grundfos Pump's HQ.

Grundfos 3

The Feedback

"The new office is fantastic, we are really pleased with how it works for our business. Our people love working here and it is a real joy to see." - Peter Reynolds, Managing Director

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