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Calendar 6 weeks s
Office 6500 sq ft
Chair 55 Seats

The Brief

Virtalis are pioneers in developing virtual reality software for a vast array clients from industries such as nuclear energy, manufacturing and aeronatucial design. These clients expect to visit a space which is corporate, professional and pioneering, however the innovative nature of Virtalis means the employees need a relaxed, fun space where creativity and ideas can flow unhindered.

Virtalis 1 Virtalis 2

The Approach

We designed the employee experience to faciliate collaboration through designing a mixture of railway carriages and meeting areas into the space. Science fiction 'easter eggs' are hidden throughout the office to create a fun, futuristic feel, reflecting the cutting edge nature of the Virtalis brand.

Clients are greeted by the views of developers testing their new innovations in virtual reality headsets, before being guided into the stunning welcome area. Hidden behind the welcome area wall is where the Virtalis magic happens, containing a full Virtual reality suite where clients can test Virtalis' latest VR applications.

Virtalis 3

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