Refurbishing an existing office space or if you have found a new space, our turnkey office fit-out is the ideal solution to make the entire process as efficient and seamless as possible.


Having a single company manage your office build means you can be sure that the quality will be to a consistently high standard throughout. No more wasting time on planning and liaising with multiple trades, taking chances on unknown contractors, you will be working with one single point of contact who has the expert resources on hand to get the job done.

And, because you’re working with the experts, you won’t need to worry about navigating complicated regulations and red tape - we provide total peace of mind.

Keeping you informed of progress is at the heart of our Deliver process, with regular weekly on-site meetings, progress reports and shared access to the agreed schedule of work. Any challenges, no matter how small, are promptly dealt with and resolved and on completion, there is a quality check carried out.

Additionally, after completion you’ll also enjoy a 30-day enhanced customer support service. Whereby, whatever the nature of the issue the original Deliver team will be on-hand to pick up and endeavour to deal with your requests on the same day to help you and your team settle quickly into your new workspace.


The benefits of partnering with an experience office fit-out team include:

  • Peace of mind from start to finish
  • You don't need to manage all the subcontractors
  • Save you valuable time and money
  • Space optimisation
  • Future-proof space
  • Full health and safety compliance
  • Latest trends and knowledge to influence the design

Looking at investing in a new office space? Not sure where to start? Worry not as we answer your most asked questions below!

An office fit-out is the process of designing and transforming an empty office space into an office which is fit for purpose. Companies will typically undertake a fit-out project when they move to a new office or if business needs change and their current space no longer serves their current and future requirements. There are a number of benefits that can be reaped through completing a fit out project such as better talent acquisition and retention rates but also improved efficiency and well-being.

There are three types of fit out; shell and coreCategory A and Category B, let's look at each in more detail:

Shell & Core

A developer may complete a building without any type of interior fit out. In this case you will be left with the empty shell of an office with exposed concrete ceilings and wiring with only communal areas finished to any particular standard. A Category A or B fit-out will be necessary in this scenario in order to turn your office into an environment which can meet your needs.

Category A

You will need a category A fit-out if only the shell & core of your building has been completed or your building infrastructure is no longer fit for your business needs. ‘Cat A’ fit-outs only cover your basic needs such as:

  • Mechanical and electrical services – i.e. network cable wiring, power outlets etc.
  • Basic internal finishes such as floor coverings and ceilings.
  • Fire safety features such as alarms and extinguishers

A category A is typically what a landlord would complete to be able to let or sell a space to a new occupier. This enables each occupier to complete a Category B fit-out to their own requirements. 

Category B

A ‘Cat B’ fit-out is where a company designs and builds a space around their specific requirements. No two office fit-out projects are the same and therefore a Cat B fit-out gives a company the flexibility to design a space as they wish.

Cat B fit outs would normally include:

  • Power and data installations
  • Partitions and doors
  • Bespoke joinery such as meeting booths and bars
  • Breakout and kitchen spaces
  • Brand signage and detailing
  • Modifications to existing lighting and HVAC systems
  • Meeting and collaborative areas
  • Specialist lighting and AV equipment
  • Furniture and flooring/carpeting

This is not a comprehensive list by any means and each of these fittings can be of a varying standard, from functional to bespoke, tailored to your business requirements depending on your budget. A ‘Cat B’ fit out is an opportunity to create a space which truly reflects your company’s vision and branding, incorporating design elements which can maximise productivity meanwhile nurturing employee wellbeing and ensuring your employees won’t want to go home!

You can expect to pay anywhere in the region of £38 to £55 per sq.ft. depending on the type of office fit out and the finish your business requires. The best way to really understand how much your vision will cost to complete our new cost calculator and talk to one of our Project Directors.

Financing an office fit-out can also be tricky, however lease financing offers the perfect way to maintain working capital whilst ensuring your vision isn't limited by current cashflow restrictions.

The best way to initiate the fit-out process is to contact us for a chat so we can understand your business needs and advise you on the next steps. Whether your priorities are wellbeing, company culture, employee retention, productivity or all of the above our talented team are on hand to transform your vision into a tangible space, delivering the greatest ROI.

We find many of our clients consult a few fit-out companies in order to find a design team who can fully embrace and understand your business needs.

Our 3d process at Officeinsight helps make the job of defining the duration of the project a bit of an easier task. Breaking down each stage of the process helps to apply a realistic time frame to each segment. However, it is also important to remember that this is only a guide as every office fit-out is slightly different, and we can alter the time frame depending on your wants and needs.

The time frame of an office fit-out can range between 10 weeks – 22 weeks, this is influenced by size and scale of the project, speed of communication and availability of supplies.

We would say that you need approximately 100 square feet per employee, 50 square feet per desk and another 50 square feet for communal areas.

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