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Office fit-out

Office fit-out

Our workplace specialists can reinvigorate your existing workspaces or remodel a new premises with brand defining design. We offer a range of commercial office fit-out options to suit your needs.

Office fit-out

Cat A Office fit-out

This is where our team gives your office space a functional finish. This fit-out is a blank canvas build, providing you with the essentials such as working lighting, painted walls, and plumbed toilets.

Category A office fit-outs result in a functional workspace without specific branding or business-specific functions. This is the ideal option for commercial landlords looking to attract new businesses to older buildings.

We can even advise landlords on an A+ office fit-out that will maximise their renting potential.

Cat B Office fit-out

This is where our delivery team can turn an outdated and tattered aged space into your fully operational workplace. We do everything from stripping out existing materials, building partitions and laying carpet to helping you decide what graphics should go on those walls. We focus on creating a design to embody your brand and culture.

This is for businesses who have found the ideal location but want it remodelled into their working office.

Our Process - Deliver

Our process is customer driven. Our assigned delivery team will communicate with you at every stage to ensure you are informed about the progress of your fit-out. 

We provide a clear schedule of construction phases and detailed plans to help you visualise and feel the finished fit-out. Our team also handle the H&S documentation and ensure it meets the required safety standards.

As we invite customer feedback and like to keep clients updated, we regularly hold on-site meetings so you can see the design take shape and watch them progress. Consistent and clear communication is the cornerstone of the Officeinsight process as we design and build an office space that encapsulates your company.

Upon project completion, we conduct an extensive quality check to guarantee a quality finish that will endure. We also provide 30-day customer support service post completion, to ensure you are happy with the final design. 

How we can help

Tailored commercial fit-outs

Our office fit-out contractors offer a wide range of options. We will discuss your needs and offer a commercial fit-out that suits you. 

Our teams have collaborated with commercial landlords to rejuvenate their older properties into modern office spaces to maximise their property portfolio. We’ve worked with landlords struggling to rent commercial properties to design cat A+ fit-outs that attract new tenants.

Our design teams have also collaborated with clients who need a cat B fit-out.  We know how to infuse the bricks and mortar of your office with the very essence of your brand. We help you build a practical work environment that promotes the culture you want to cultivate. 

Offices designed for modern work-styles

We help our clients overcome the challenges presented by a changing work environment, advising how to install cutting-edge technology with minimal disruption. Our fit-out contractors have also created high-performing hybrid working offices. 

No business wants to waste money heating empty spaces. With a well-designed hot-desk model we can help you save money by utilising our best in class design talent and expertise, ensuring  your workspace remains fully optimised to bringing you high value.  

Eco-conscious cat A fit-outs

Updating older spaces to make them more energy efficient is always a concern. Increasing the efficiency rating of your property will also increase its rental value. Our cat A fit-outs can help rewire older commercial properties to make it more eco-friendly. 

Changing the lighting systems not only reduce the building’s carbon footprint but also the building’s energy bill. This is a fantastic sales point for commercial landlords wanting to maximise their profits.

Ready to revitalise your office space? Whether you’re a commercial landlord looking to attract new renters with ready-to-go workspaces, or your business wants to create a workspace that encapsulates your brand and promote productivity, we can help.

Get in touch with our experts today to start your office fit-out journey.

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