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Is refurbishing an existing space more difficult?

Is refurbishing an existing space more difficult?

Is refurbishing an existing space more difficult?

There are definitely no added difficulties when refurbishing an existing office space compared to an empty shell, as each type of fit-out comes with its own obstacles. However, an experienced team, should be able to easily overcome any hurdles.

Refurbishing an existing space may call for more planning and more time spent during the Deliver stage. Especially if you are planning to keep your staff in the office while the fit-out is underway. In this instance, the project will need to be phased slightly differently than if the fit-out was done in an empty building.

Time, money and outcome

This phasing could add time to the duration of the fit-out, and extra costs if contractors are required to work out-of-hours. Equally, if the existing building is in bad shape, such as if the electrics or air-condition need to be replaced, this does add extra complications, and requires specialist works to be completed.

However, refurbishing in an existing space is often less expensive and can be completed more quickly depending on the age and condition of the building. There are also no delays or added costs from legal proceedings or removal and relocation charges.

With time, money and the final project outcome to consider, deciding between refurbishing an existing office space or relocating to a new workspace is an important decision to make without all the facts and costs.

Project cost calculation

To help you understand the cost of either a refurbishment or new office space fit-out, we’d recommend you complete our cost calculator to generate an initial budget. Simply add in your wish list of requirements to generate a project budget and space requirement. Our expert team is then on hand to discuss this with you and how it can be adjusted for either a refurbishment or entirely new space.

Making your offices the best space they can be, to help your employees thrive is what our business is all about.




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