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What is a design and build?

What is a design and build?

What is a design and build?

As the industry develops and expands, the number of different words that are connected to our line of work can make it very difficult to know what you want.

Today, we answer ‘what is a design and build?’.

 Design and Build

You want to upgrade your office space – or maybe you are moving into a new office space. The chances are you need someone who can ‘fit it out’ for you.

This could take you down two possible routes.

Do you go to a company that would design and manage it all for you? Or do you go down the ‘traditional route’ and find an architect to design, a surveyor, cost consultant and then all of the different contractors.

Our Design and Build process – find out more here:

Or a traditional route:

If you go for option 1, this is where you will need your ‘design and build’ company – as they manage the ‘design’ and the ‘build’ of your new workspace for you.

Not only is this proven to be a faster process, but the experience and knowledge of the company you choose will help you make sure that the investment you are about to make isn’t the wrong decision.

At Officeinsight, we have in-house designers who can design you the office of your dreams – whether this be including your branding, your history, or future ways of working.

Our dedicated team strives to make sure that we handle the stress of your project, rather than it falling on you – as would be the case if you went down the ‘traditional’ route. With one point of contact, we manage the project so that you can enjoy the journey of your fit-out, and anticipate your new workspace.

Don’t forget, even the little things we manage, such as supplying the furniture, any audio-visual works, graphics and air conditioning and heat management. If you went down the traditional route, you would need to find these all yourselves.

Check out our inspirational case studies to find out more about how we work, or check out our process. Keeping it as simple as possible, we deliver a high quality, creative design and build package.

Get in touch today on 0161 246 2363 or fill out our cost calculator for free!

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