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What Is A Turnkey Office Design And Fit-Out

What Is A Turnkey Office Design And Fit-Out

What Is A Turnkey Office Design And Fit-Out

The Definition Of A Turnkey Office Fit Out

A turnkey office fit-out solution is an all-encompassing service that combines design, construction, installation, fit-out and furniture. So, all the occupier has to do is 'turn the key'. Taking a turnkey approach to office fit outs offers the most cost-effective and speedy solution for those companies wanting a friction-less delivery as all the services are provided and managed by one supplier.

What Are The Benefits Of A Turnkey Office Design and Fit-Out?

One point of contact

As the entire project is delivered by one experienced team, this builds in flexibility and end-to-end customer support. With the one point of contact for each phase of the development, an in-depth project history is developed and therefore enquiries can be dealt with in deeper context and more swiftly. Saving the project valuable time and cost.

Handed over to a specialist

Turnkey contracts reduce the need for much involvement, instead the entire process of the project’s design and delivery is handed over to a specialist. You simply submit one request to one person and don’t have to re-explain any issues. Handing over the project, reduces the need to liaise with various contractors, allowing the office fit-out to be carried out smoothly while significantly reducing the stress for you. In most cases, to ensure prompt payment and a timely delivery, the contractor is required to finish the job to your agreed specifications and deadlines.

Quicker turnaround 

With a single process for the design and construction, the specialist can begin procuring sub-contractors and materials while the plans are being finalised. As a result, this significantly reduces the project schedule as a whole, accelerating the delivery of the overall build.

Reduced cost overruns

Turnkey projects often can often reduce financial unknowns and provide the client with the ability to accurate calculate return on investment as a total project can be supplied from the start. With traditional, DBB approach, often the construction costs are unclear until it has been fully designed.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Turnkey Office Design and Fit-Out?

Requires strong scope definition

Although the turnkey approach requires less overall ongoing time involvement, it’s important that time is invested during the DEFINE phase to ensure the scope is fully outlined and clear to all involved in the project. A strong scope can help minimise disruption to both the design and build stage and ensures confidence remains with the team to deliver at pace.

Dependent on trust

Often the success of a project relies heavily on the client’s ability to trust the selected contractor to deliver their vision and managed the project to the agreed timeframe and original budget. It is therefore important to understand the contractors experience of working in this way.

With project success highly depended on working with the right partner, it’s important that both the pros and cons are weighed up before signing a contract.

Interested In Getting A Turnkey Office Design and Fit Out?

View some of Officeinsights latest turnkey office fit-outs, please visit: https://www.officeinsight.co.uk/projects 

Reach out to our team today for more help and understanding on the power of Turnkey Office Fit Outs.

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