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What is the D+B Process?

What is the D+B Process?

What is the D+B Process?

Our process at Officeinsight should help the concept of design and build, become more understandable.

The 3D process

Our 3D process comes with three stages, for your design and build – check out our page on the website, where you can find more details and examples.

Throughout the three stages, it remains a turnkey operation – you tell us what you want, and we will deliver it.

The first stage involves our team discovering your company, learning what your values are and how you work. What are your needs – what has driven you to consult a design and build company? How does your brand look, what is the space you are fitting out and how will it be used?

This starts developing the foundations of your design, so that our in-house designers can include different features that they feel match your company best, such as more biophilia, or maybe resting pods. Depending on where your priorities lie, our designers will provide a tailored design for your workspace.

If you love the design (like most of our clients do), we can offer different ways to see your design so that you can be absolutely sure it is what you want, such as 3d visuals and video flythroughs. As always, we give plenty of opportunities for the client to feedback and we always wait for the client’s approval before we start actioning any work on the proposed site.

Once we receive the go-ahead, one of our project managers starts implementing the works onsite, and getting our contractors involved. From this point, we have weekly meetings with the client to keep them updated on the progress, we do a quality audit and then sign off and hand over to the very happy client!

Design and Build duration

If you are wondering how long these stages usually take, you can check out our blog on this here.

We usually find the following:

Define Stage > 2 – 4 weeks

Design Stage > 3 – 5 weeks

Deliver Stage > 6 – 12 weeks

This depends on the size of the project, and how in-depth the client wants to go with each stage.

Interested in getting in touch for your design and build? Give us a ring on 0161 246 2363, or try out our cost calculator for free!

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