Our in-house commercial designers have many years’ experience working on projects for clients of all sizes. The team understands that insights are as much a part of the Design stage as selecting colours and finishes.

The combination of data, our own observations and experience help to reveal and develop a zoning plan, look and feel images and finishes, all of which start to bring your project to life.

To create an inspiring working environment that reflects your unique company culture and values, our designers start with creating zoning plans, 2D general arrangement plans, compiling mood boards to capture the look and feel of the space and show how meeting spaces, desks, and collaborative spaces can all be accommodated within your workspace.

To help you see the space and observe the perception of distance, heights and colour combinations, bring the design to life with 3D photorealistic images and video fly-throughs.

The final step in the Design process is to create a detailed priced up schedule of work and issue a delivery contract.


Whether your company is redesigning your workplace or relocating, proper planning and attention to detail can deliver a range of benefits.

The benefits of a good office design include:

●      Improve staff wellbeing

●      Increased productivity

●      Improve recruitment and retention

●      Reinforce company culture and values

●      Maximise ROI of the entire space

●      Future-proof workspace

●      Understand and meet the needs of the workforce

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