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Office design

Office design

Our office design and build experts craft creative but functional workspace. Offices designed to inspire people, heighten performance, cultivate your company’s culture, and infuse the very essence of your brand into every fibre of your workspace.

Work with us to discover brand defining office designs. 

Office design

Our Process - Design

Our process starts and ends with you.

We use a unique collaborative design model to gather data-drive insights about your business. Our office design consultants will understand every aspect of your company to create an environment that drives achievement. 

Our office design and build team provide impactful insights on all aspects of design to drive performance. 

Once we understand you, we make your vision a reality. We let you feel and see the design of your office by providing you with: - 

  • VR tours
  • Zoning plans
  • 2D arrangement boards
  • Mood boards
  • High quality photography

Together we will create a harmonic workspace to satisfy the competing demands of your business. An inviting reception room, easy to access meeting rooms tucked away from the task-orientated bustle and buzz of the busy workstations or relaxing breakout spaces.

Design a workspace that works for you.

How we can help

Advice on Budgets

Our office design and cost consultants have worked within a range of budgets and can guide you on maximising return on investment in office design. We help you get the most value from your space, finding the balance between function and fancy. This allows us to provide you with transparent costs.

Integrating Technology

Integrating the latest technology into the workplace in a cohesive fashion is essential for businesses to remain competitive. 

Our experts have worked with businesses to update their conference rooms to accommodate video calls and integrate technologies to drive success. This is useful in hybrid working models, allowing remote connectivity, either between remote workers or through different office locations.

Redesigning for hybrid

Our design and build team are well-versed in the latest office design trends in the UK. 

Our industry knowledge of design trends and construction costs help create award-winning designs that are at the forefront of adapting office spaces to the evolving needs of staff and workstyles. We’ll keep your office in line with best working practice.  

Our design team are thought leaders in this area. We have gained great insight on how to create a productive hybrid experience that people love. 

Contact us to start designing your fresh office space. 

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