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Office design

Office design

Our in-house commercial designers have many year's experience working on projects for clients of all sizes. The team understands that insights are as much a part of the Design stage as selecting colours and finishes.

Office design


With key insights on your people and the way they work best, our designers

create unique zoning plans, 2D general arrangement plans, mood boards to capture the look and feel of the space.

Our recommendations visually demonstrate how meeting facilities, workstations and collaboration zones etc can all be accommodated and flow within the space.

We can then create a fully immersive experience with photo realistic visuals and fly-through video of the spaces to give your team a real perception of how the space will look and work.

The budgeting process is an iterative one. Our team are highly skilled in identifying areas for value engineering to ensure we deliver on the vision, at an acceptable price.

This stage closes by compiling a Schedule of Work which includes our specifications and detailed costs.


Whether your company is redesigning your workplace or relocating, proper planning and attention to detail can deliver a range of benefits.

The benefits of a good office design include:

  • Improve staff wellbeing
  • Increased productivity
  • Improve recruitment and retention
  • Reinforce company culture and values
  • Maximise ROI of the entire space
  • Future-proof workspace
  • Understand and meet the needs of the workforce

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