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Office refurbishment

Office refurbishment

Our office refurbishment services will rejuvenate your workplace and staff, whilst helping to control costs. We will transform those tired and old spaces into sleek professional workspaces to inject a new spurt of energy into your business. 

Office refurbishments are an ideal way to incorporate innovative technology and optimise for more modern working environments such as hybrid models, hot-desk offices, and eco-conscious workplaces. 

Modernise your office into an efficient and inspirational workplace without the hassle of relocating. 

Office refurbishment

A novel approach

Our refurbishment design team takes a customer-focused approach. The process starts and ends with you and your people. By collaborating with your staff, we find data-driven solutions to the pain-points you face with the current design whilst maintaining the design features that do work.

We will transform your office providing it with a fresh jolt of energy.

Our office refurbishment service team has a wealth of experience, and we understand that every refurbishment has a different goal and motivation. Whether it is a facelift for the office, integrating modern technologies into meeting rooms, or creating a sustainable workplace to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, our advisors will have expert insight on how to make your vision a reality. 

We assign a dedicated team of design specialists who can create an in-depth schedule of works and office plans to help you envisage how your new space will look and feel. The transformation will be organised into phases to minimise any disruption. 

We will supply you with every want and need on your office refurbishment schedule. 

How we can help

Customer-focused design

Our office refurbishment design team places you and your staff at the centre of the design. We invite feedback at every step of the office redesign process. These data-driven insights will let us merge creativity with functionality to craft a space to personify your business.

We want to build your brand’s identity from the foundation of your offices upwards to drive your performance to new heights and provide a space for your culture to flourish.

Expert budgeting advice

Our experience means we can provide you with realistic budgets and transparent office refurbishment costs. 

We know the most cost-effective ways to transform your office to meet your goals. Our designers have experience in implementing innovative solutions that provide high-quality uplifts at the right budget.

Modern workplace design

Our refurbishment team are thought leaders in modern office design. We can help you modernise your workplace in any way you see fit. 

We can upgrade lighting and office equipment to lower a building’s energy costs and decrease your carbon footprint.

With the rise in popularity with hybrid working models, we have collaborated with numerous companies to evolve their offices into a hybrid-worker friendly space. We know how to make a hybrid working model work for you and your staff. 

Get in touch today to transform your office and start your refurbishment journey with Officeinsight. 

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