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How will going down the design and build route add value to the business?

How will going down the design and build route add value to the business?

How will going down the design and build route add value to the business?

In the uncertain economic position we are currently living in, making any decisions regarding investing big amounts of money needs to be validated to ensure that it will add value to your business.

As our country could be heading into recession, the common response to this is to start cutting costs in the business, usually by revisiting all outgoing and overheads.

However, it is time to change our outlook – your people are your greatest asset. You need to make sure that they have the best conditions to work, so that they can help your business gain that competitive advantage. This is so that your business can keep growing, gaining market share and attracting and retaining the best talent. This is key during times of economic change, and has never been more important or relevant.

There are many ways in which going the Design and Build route will add value to your business such as:

  • Adopting hybrid/agile working methods

Emerging from Covid and the lockdowns, many businesses, like Invisible Systems want to encourage the staff back to work and to have that whole team atmosphere. Adopting hybrid working and agile working methods means that coming back to the office means catching those informal chats, having quick stand-up meetings that video calls don’t offer, and getting the office perks, such as the brews or general team-building activities.

Check out what Jamie Robertson had to say about the value the design and build process has helped his company to grow and develop.

  • Improve attraction and retention of talent

Retaining your best talent will help avoid high recruitment costs. Likewise, attractive office space is fast becoming a perk when attracting better talent. Having the best talent will allow your company to keep progressing, keep ahead of the competition and grow its market share.

  • Better advantage over your competitors

Having a new space, equipped for the future, will help you attract the best talent and more clients. This will help you grow and get an advantage over the competitors in the industry.

  • Faster

According to Oktra, a design and build contractor is typically 33% faster than contracting it out yourself. Because you are only dealing with one person, and they have their team of specialists that covers all necessary to deliver your project on schedule.

  • Proven 3D process

Our proven 3D process makes going down the design and build route a lot simpler. You can check out here what the Define, Design and Deliver phase each includes today – and if you don’t know what any of the terminology is, check out our glossary here!

Check out here why you should go down the Design and Build route today.

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